New Sites on the Web from Week of January 14, 2002

  1. CommunicationFitness - The first Web site that focuses not only on the basics of writing and speaking, but on the entire spectrum of communication skills, including conflict resolution and high-level persuasion. The Web site enables users to set up individually-tailored improvement regimens.
  2. U. S. Olympic Team - The site is filled with unique content for U.S. Olympic Team fans, including information, unique images and fun downloads that get you in the spirit of the Games and the 2002 U.S. Team. Visitors will find the Olympic store with over 200 items of official U.S. Olympic Team apparel, Salt Lake 2002 and Classic USA merchandise, along with fun features such as photo galleries of more than 70 athletes, video interviews with top athletes from Michelle Kwan to Picabo Street to Jonny Moseley, downloadable wallpaper of over 30 athletes, and biographies of U.S. Olympic Team members.
  3. Internet Video Magazine - Web guide to watching Internet videos and animations, as well as an online how-to manual to how to produce and create them. Also the host of the IVY Awards, the awards given to the best videos, movies, cartoons, commercials and animations, created for the Internet.
  4. Internet Movie Database Pro - A new online subscription service designed to meet the information needs of entertainment industry professionals. Available are market research tools that enable users to track the popularity of the 300,000 movies and 1 million actors listed in the IMDb, expanded box-office data, a calendar of releases, festivals and industry events, and advanced search capabilities.
  5. Anthem Prescription - Consumers now have a robust online reference tool to use when researching medications. The new drug database is a comprehensive resource on over 4,000 medications.
  6. Versaly - A mobile entertainment company that publishes and distributes interactive games and entertainment-oriented content to subscribers using next-generation mobile phones. Versaly is publishing games, high quality digital pictures, high fidelity audio and music, video clips, and other content for next-generation mobile phones, including the "Stinger" smartphone from Microsoft.
  7. Wikipedia - A free encyclopedia project in its first year, the collaborative project has created over 20,000 articles, organizers say. Wikipedia is a so-called WikiWiki, which means that anyone with an Internet connection can visit the website and edit an article without signing up. For such an open project, some may find it remarkable that many of the articles are reasonably good and that the project has attracted a large number of well-educated, articulate contributors.
  8. Atkins Online - A completely redesigned Web site that provides a uniquely customizable support system for anyone following a controlled carbohydrate lifestyle. The Web site is refocused around user-friendly tools that allow each visitor to create a personalized online weight management support system. The site features a comprehensive Q/A section, a carbohydrate gram counter, recipes, advice and inspiration, online journals and an electronic newsletter.
  9. - Consumers now can arrange online to replace missing teeth or enhance the appearance of existing teeth. Locate specialty dentists close to home who can provide cosmetic dentistry, implants, or general dental services. Site visitors simply enter the first three digits of their phone number, and they are immediately presented with a list of providers in their area, along with contact information.
  10. - A site addressing the needs of businesses and consumers in the fragmented collectibles market by enabling users to inventory what they have, acquire things they need, sell items, and obtain related insurance.
  11. - A free site for consumers to exchange complaints about products and services. Sign up to receive a free e-mail newsletter that provides the top ten (10) most informative consumer product and service complaints posted to, on a daily basis.
  12. TurboTax for the Web - With TurboTax for the Web, tax filers can prepare and file their 2001 federal and state income tax returns without having to purchase and download software and can prepare their return entirely online at any time from any computer with Internet access. Plus, there is absolutely no charge to try TurboTax for the Web. Taxpayers are charged only when they are ready to print or electronically file their tax return.
  13. Lavalife - Offers singles anytime, anywhere connections that make single life a positive, fulfilling and self-esteem building experience through relationship opportunities, social interaction and a like minded community of ideas and information.

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