New Sites on the Web from Week of January 15, 2001

  1. BrowseUp - A technology company which has developed a platform to enable interactivity at the hyperlink level of the World Wide Web. By downloading BrowseUp's software, users will be able to create their own links to or from any Website for other users to follow. These links can be added to content objects such as images, text paragraphs, or whole pages.
  2. - The largest source code repository on the Internet. The company announced that it has added over 15,000 resources of Javascript, Perl and other Web scripting languages to its database.
  3. Artland - Offering the highest quality fine art prints selected from the world's leading museums, archives and contemporary artists. The latest digital printing technology allows Artland to offer fine prints of unprecedented quality at extremely affordable prices.
  4. - Dedicated to gamers, Playcycle gives enthusiasts the greatest flexibility when they are looking to buy or sell video games, consoles, and accessories. Members can post Seeks and Offers for the new and used video games, consoles and accessories they want to buy and sell -- posting and membership is free. The owner of the listing is billed only $1 in the event of a successful transaction, and there are no other required fees.
  5. - An e-learning software and services company committed to improving education through technology. Quia helps teachers teach better by giving them the tools to create, customize, and share learning activities. Quia helps K-12 students learn more by bringing the resources of hundreds of thousands of educators together in one place. The site provides educators with access to more than 500,000 online games and quizzes in hundreds of subject areas -- all created by teachers around the world.
  6. - A new and dynamic webcam and streaming video internet portal, which aims to enable you to see anything in the world, anywhere in the world.
  7. - Zoesis Studios, an animation studio of actors, playwrights, composers, artists and computer scientists dedicated to bringing computer characters to life, today introduced two new interactive attractions. The award-winning website is a free, wholesome and fun animated theme park for children ages five to 11 and their families.
  8. - Visit this site for the latest update on flu activity in the U.S. The National Flu Surveillance Network (NFSN), an online disease surveillance service, pinpoints and tracks influenza outbreaks in virtual real time. The NFSN consists of nearly 6,300 volunteer physicians at over 1,100 surveillance sites located in all 50 U.S. states.
  9. - Visitors now can receive online life insurance quotes from several of America's best life insurance companies in a matter of minutes. The newly added technology allows any U.S. resident to receive instant, comparative quotes from top-tier life insurance carriers and begin the application process online. A banking relationship with Hibernia is not required.
  10. - The title character from Twentieth Century Fox's new motion picture "Monkeybone" -- a petulant rascal with a penchant for wisecracks and racy antics. The animated mischief-maker hurls countless insults, creates outrageous pranks and wreaks assorted other forms of comic havoc.
  11. - The internationally recognized women's organization dedicated to watching, enjoying, complimenting and meeting men. ManWatchers originated the annual list of the `10 Most Watchable Men,' which includes celebrities and other well-known individuals. The site offers women opportunities to vote online for their favorite man, participate in woman/man surveys, sign up for a free newsletter, read information about dating and relationships plus lots more. Both men and women are invited to visit the site.
  12. - Online store offering durable medical equipment (DME) such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, and braces. The new website features over 2000 DME products and services from syringes to portable ramps priced an average of 15- 20 percent below retail stores.
  13. - Canada's and the world's first Internet television channel. produces three hours of original information, lifestyle and entertainment programming daily. This is overlaid with the real-life experiences of eight young people living, working and interacting with viewers in a fully-wired loft that includes an Internet TV broadcast facility, complete with 21 cameras.
  14. Lord of the Rings - Web fans travelling to the site find an environment loaded with up-to-the-minute production information, interviews with the filmmakers and cast, photos, an IPIX tour of a set, downloadable screensavers, a web browser, and an interactive map of Middle Earth.
  15. National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center - Established as a central source of information on prevention and intervention programs, publications, research, and statistics on violence committed by and against children and teens. The site will be used to distribute a downloadable guide - "Helping Your Children Navigate Their Teenage Years: A Guide for Parents" - to help parents better communicate with their children.
  16. GovSearch - A leading Government directory available on the Web. Provides a concise, current and convenient access to all levels of the U.S. government. is powered by Carroll Publishing, a leader in the government print directories industry for nearly 30 years. Provides the most frequently updated information on over 385,000 government decision-makers and key staff at the federal, state and local levels.
  17. Peoplestreet - New online service that allows you to create and exchange self-updating electronic business cards that work with your existing address book.
  18. - Offers access to a comprehensive array of moving-related services as well as a set of "cool relocation tools" designed to reduce the time, cost and stress associated with moving. is the most effective online marketplace for consumers and businesses involved in the relocation process.
  19. Watch it Work - High-technology medical products and devices can be viewed from the convenience of any Internet-accessible computer allowing for immediate demonstration and product reach. Animation techniques are used to display realistic, interactive presentations of a product's moving parts. The user-controlled program allows the viewer to see exactly how a product functions, controlling its movements through a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  20. - A tax preparation site that offers many features such as: online tax return preparation services including e-file and RAL (Refund Anticipation Loan) capabilities, online IRS instructions and publications tax forms, instructions, and publications by fax Quickie Tax Calculator. Individuals will be able to get Refund Anticipation Loans and Refund Anticipation Checks in as little as 48-72 Hours through the e1040 Click `N Refund feature.

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