New Sites on the Web from Week of January 20, 2003

  1. - A provider of the most comprehensive Web-based credit card directory including information for 475+ credit cards, 60 credit card categories, and over 10,000 personal cardholder reviews. Searches for the most complete credit card terms and rates available to the consumer.
  2. TalentMatch - Designed to help artists at all levels -- ranging from garage bands and hopeful models to accomplished actors and directors -- gain exposure to the general public and the entertainment, publishing and advertising industries. The site is the most comprehensive venue ever developed for artists to display photos, audio, videos, resumes and all the other relevant information talent agencies and entertainment venues need to evaluate and book artists.
  3. Cruise Critic - A redesigned and updated Web site that offers resources for objective cruise information including cruise line profiles and in-depth, candid reviews by professional cruise travel writers.
  4. Stop Messenger Spam - This software, which is offered free on this site, fights back against messenger spam, a new form of spam, which is considered by some worse than email spam because it invades a user's computer and pops up on the monitors without any prior notice.
  5. ADBOWL - The ADBOWL will debut during the championship football game on Jan. 26. Using a PCS Phone or by going to viewers can judge the commercials by casting votes for their favorite ads. The winners and losers will be announced at the end of the game.
  6. - Attracts a highly targeted audience of aspiring authors and avid readers of all interests and skill levels. Registered members are provided with a wide variety of online creation tools and a free online portfolio in which to store these items. Members may create standard items such as poetry, novels, short stories, and scripts, along with a host of other interactive literary works.

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