New Sites on the Web from Week of January 24

  1. - A new tool for adding streaming audio to our Web pages. No plugins required; no special servers needed, extremely small download, no complex programming.
  2. - Offers personalized multimedia products such as greeting cards that talk to you in a dynamic and entertaining way. Users can create and deliver personalized messages to co-workers, friends and loved ones.
  3. - A health information resource designed to help consumers make more informed choices about their health. LaurusHealth provides consumers with access to reliable, easy-to-understand health information and local health resources.
  4. Sports Illustrated for Kids - First sports magazine written for kids ages 8 and up, and emphasizes sports kids love to play and the athletes they love to watch. The magazine, the books, the syndicated strip and the web site,, promote positive values, good sportsmanship, the fun of reading and include a variety of games, puzzles, collectibles and other features.
  5. - An Internet auction site, enabling travel providers such as independent hotels and resorts to sell excess inventory at dynamic prices to individual consumers around the world.
  6. - PriceStreamer for Auctions is a free downloadable toolbar which introduces a new layer of comparison shopping and selling on top of eBay(TM), Yahoo!(TM), and Provides real-time continuously updating auction prices, one-click bidding, and one-click cross market search.
  7. - A mortgage lending site that is dedicated to providing nearly instant customer contact, fast loan approvals and quick mortgage closings.
  8. - An online community and information resource center for farmers. The community section of the site will provide Powerfarm users the ability to communicate with each other by posting messages on a variety of agriculture topics.
  9. - A network of 75 banks and lending institutions that provide debt financing and business loans via an on-line application form. Provides a platform for companies seeking venture capital or investment funding to submit their requests to its network of Accredited Investors, Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers.
  10. - Strength and conditioning coaches Steve Hess of the Denver Nuggets, Rich Tuten of the Denver Broncos and Paul Goldberg of the Colorado Avalanche today join coaches from the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. Everyone can get a weight training, nutritional and conditioning program designed for them by the same coaches who train the best athletes in the world.
  11. - Interactive tax preparation software that is live on the internet. Users calculate returns completely live by entering data into entry screens or by interview format. Continuous calculations enable the user to view and evaluate the impact of each entry throughout the return.
  12. - A pet care center developed to help you raise and care for your puppy or kitten. Helps people of all ages take better care of their pets. It is especially beneficial for children who are raising their first puppy or kitten. The site is designed to support responsible pet care -- from health and nutrition to training and recreation.
  13. - Created to link consumers with local service merchants, making the process for buying services more simple and less time consuming. Consumers put their local service needs out to bid through the Internet, giving merchants the opportunity to offer competitive bids for business.
  14. - A free resource for consumer justice and complaint resolution. The Web site (1) allows consumers to register a complaint or compliment for the public to view, (2) actively contacts the specified company a complaint has been made against, and (3) facilitates resolution of the situation for the consumer.
  15. - Got MP3? Got CDs? Got Windows Media files? The Earjam IMP plays all these formats, and more. How about a CD-Burner or Diamond RIO? The Earjam IMP makes it easy to find, download, play and burn the music YOU like. It plays all popular music formats and burns to all popular music devices.
  16. - Web site aimed at enriching and connecting the lives of grandparents and grandchildren of all ages. The site, deals with a myriad of grandparenting issues, from the serious -- grandparent visitation rights, discipline when grandchildren visit, or help when their parents divorce -- to the softer side -- traveling with grandchildren, reading together, or choosing the right birthday gift for a four-year-old granddaughter.
  17. - A portal that provides comprehensive content on health and fitness and medical resources, including a database of more than 300,000 physicians.
  18. - Offers the first ever "check your rates long distance variable program."'s rates are as low as 2.9 per minute, with no minimum and no monthly fee. The customer simply enters their area code and phone number where they are calling to and from, to instantly see the low cost rate they will pay.

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