New Sites on the Web from Week of January 31

  1. MotoPhoto - Allows MotoPhoto customers to have rolls of film scanned and uploaded at the same time they are processed and printed. Once uploaded, captions can be added and photos can be shared with family and friends via e-mail or the roll ID can be shared with loved ones.
  2. Roger Ebert & the Movies - Listen to movie reviews with your favorite MP3 player, and find out about works by your favorite actors and directors. Allows viewers to research information according to the famous `thumbs' votes, actors, directors, movie titles and reviewers.
  3. Agatha Christie - The Web site is the definitive source for Agatha Christie and features online adaptations of Agatha Christie short stories, complete information on her life and works, an online community, and an online store.
  4. - Showcasing the most extensive and up-to-date coverage of live theater worldwide, presents unique show pages and descriptions, reviews, news, ticketing options, contests, imaging, streaming media, cast descriptions, message boards, and the unforgettable TheaterManiac, a character that brings online theater reviews to life.
  5. - The estimated six million Americans who seek medical care for knee problems and injuries each year will have on-line access to information on knee health and healing. The web site is a unique interactive resource for people with knee problems, including sports-related aches and pains.
  6. Children with Disabilities - Offers information and resources to disabled children, their families and service providers. The site, part of a joint effort by several federal agencies to promote a national agenda for children and foster positive youth development, will provide information on learning disabilities, debilitating conditions and physical disabilities.
  7. Trim-a-Lawn - Offers a full range of walk behind lawn and weed trimmers as well as accessory items that work with virtually all weed trimmers on the market today. Trim-A-Lawn products are a must for homeowners and gardeners of all kinds!
  8. Frontier Trails - Allow the readers to relive moments and adventures in history. Each section of will cover historical events from the first stage routes of the old west to the first time people decided to skydive with a snowboard attached to their feet. is a great resource for history teachers and their students.
  9. - Empowering people between ages 35 to 54, this Web site provides 81 million Americans with a voice - as well as tips, tools and inspiration to help them make positive changes in their lives.
  10. CompleTax - Allows individual and small business users to complete and file both a federal and a state income tax return for a total cost of $7.50.
  11. Zatso - The Zatso Personal Newscast Service allows consumers to create a personal newscast by deciding what types of stories they want and don't want. Delivers a video newscast by using the user's news preferences. Users can then view their newscast on a PC and get more depth on the stories they care about.
  12. - A technology company specializing in the delivery of wireless data services and systems to enterprises and e-businesses. Converts web sites (in HTML format) to Wireless Application Protocol for web enabled phones.
  13. - Gives users the ability to search for artwork by subject, style, color, artist, period, key word, lifestyle or environment. The site also provides galleries full of recommended art to match specific lifestyles and environments.
  14. - A Web-based resource to link millions of marine recreation enthusiasts with boat dealers, repair facilities, marinas and other marine service providers, designed to simplify the process of selecting, buying and maintaining a boat.
  15. - A free online database of scholarships and student loan sources for college and graduate students.
  16. - The first local, online yellow pages featuring free animated commercials. These commercials are broadcast over the Internet in local communities using FunYellow's unique FunTV(TM), viewable with Netscape or Internet Explorer.

  17. - Oscar prepares for his millennial debut at the 72nd Academy Awards(R) Presentation on March 26, 2000, movie fans and film buffs can track his every move on, the official Academy Awards web site.
  18. Groundhog's Day - On February 2, 2000, the Seer of Seers, Punxsutawney Phil, our own Prognosticating Groundhog will emerge from his burrow on Gobblers Knob before a crowd of loyal followers. If he sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter; if no shadow, spring will soon be around. Shop online for Punxsutawney's Phil's famous T-shirts, sweat shirts, caps, mugs, glasses, and more.
  19. - An Internet health portal that ofers its visitors an array of health-related products and services designed to save consumers and healthcare provider's money.
  20. - Provides a free, online utility connection service for relocating households. By filling out a few forms on line, consumers can transfer, cancel, or set up their phone, cable electric, gas, newspaper, magazines, mail and other household services.
  21. Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield - The site allows fans access to vast amounts of interactive information on Holyfield's biography, personal stats, and Fan Club. Customers are able t purchase over 40 collectibles from the Holyfield Store.

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