New Sites on the Web from Week of February 11

  1. Single Parents Online - Launching on Feb. 24, with a user-friendly format, Single Parents Online includes such features as: Photo Personals, discussion boards, chat, a custom search engine with a focus on Parenting, Child Behavior, Dating, and Solo Parenting. There is also a section devoted to Moms, Dads, and our kids.
  2. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - Web site includes online exhibitions, testimonies and a Holocaust learning center.
  3. Survivors of the Shoah - Backed by Steven Spielberg, the site was designed as a high-speed gateway into its vast catalog of testimonies from Holocaust survivors. Features snippets of survivor and witness testimonies and information about the organization's digital library. The foundation said it has videotaped the testimonies of more than 50,000 Holocaust survivors and witnesses in 57 countries and in 32 languages.
  4. Dieases Explained - Designed to provide members of the lay public with a simplified introduction to ech disease topic and an explanation of complex medical terminology.
  5. - Assists businesses with advertising, marketing and promotions of their products or services to help acquire and maintain customers, increase sales and build loyalty.
  6. DevelopmentSpace - Allows individuals, organizations, and companies around the world to collaboratively design, finance, and implement development and international assistance projects online. For the first time, small donors as well as larger social investors will be able to connect directly to leading social entrepreneurs in developing countries to help finance high-impact projects both large and small.
  7. The Honeymoon - A fully automated on-line service that couples can use to create a personalized honeymoon gift registry. The honeymoon registry is developed around a honeymoon travel package. Wedding guests can visit a couple's customized honeymoon registry and select from a variety of gifts, all of which are a part of the couple's honeymoon plans. Parasailing, scuba diving, plane fares, spa visits and offshore excursions are just some examples of the items that may be purchased.
  8. myPublisher - The personal publishing service that allows consumers to create hardcover coffee table books out of their photos (both digital and traditional images) and accompanying words. Individuals only need an Internet connection, and simply upload their images to the site and design and create a linen- or leather-bound book -- cost-effectively, easily and quickly.
  9. Women Business Executives (WBE) - A women's association that enables and empowers women executives to create career networking on a peer-to-peer basis, and provide mutual learning.
  10. MariSafe - Created by boaters for boaters, MariSafe endeavors to establish a climate of boaters' proactive commitment to preparedness and safety. Staffed by customer care marine experts, MariSafe delivers the resources, information, tools, services and merchandise boaters need and can call upon to make their on-water experiences better and safer.
  11. Steven's Site - The official online fan site for "Steven," the "dude" who appears in Dell's consumer television advertisements in the United States. Customers visiting the site can watch the latest advertisement, view photos and read more about the actor Benjamin Curtis, who plays "Steven."
  12. - Provides consumers and businesses free access to a wide array of credit cards and credit related products, online and offline. The Toll Free number 1-800-CREDITCARDS is now live. You are guaranteed approval for a credit card regardless of a consumer's credit history. The, website now features over 60 credit and credit related products and has already helped thousands of consumers receive instant approval for their cards, most often within minutes of visiting the site.

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