New Sites on the Web from Week of February 12, 2001

  1. - Sells better quality prom wear to female teens on-line, while assuring customer satisfaction and proper fit. Offers 16 hip prom dress styles, in 2-3 colors and in sizes 2-16, all affordably priced from $150-$200.
  2. - A website for readers who share an enduring passion for history and a desire to explore the places where history happened. The site is produced jointly by the History Group of print, video and Internet leader, PRIMEDIA, and - the web's leading provider of extraordinary travel. Together, these two media companies have built an unrivaled interactive resource that allows history enthusiasts to journey into the past.
  3. eBook Express - Provides immediate and free eBook authoring capabilities. Using a basic text file -- in any of a variety of formats -- the online service lets users convert content into a Microsoft Reader eBook title while they wait. It also lets users add custom art to an eBook cover page.
  4. Bargain and Haggle - A unique new online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate the final price of a listed item. With the negotiated pricing model, fans don't have to worry about wealthy collectors driving up the price of an item beyond their affordability, which is what can happen in an auction.
  5. Purina Right Bites - Ralston Purina's Right Bites is a consumer Web site that supports the company's product line in the pet treat category. Developed for both dogs and cats, the product line combines treats with nutrients to support pets' overall health.
  6. Cardcaptors - A hot destination for kids and anime fans as a place to find out all about lead character Sakura's adventures, view exclusive clips and enter contests. Now fans can become Cardcaptors themselves in this fun, interactive game.
  7. BattleBots - BattleBots is the emerging sport of live robotic combat. Contestants design and build radio-controlled robots weighing up to 488 lbs. that employ an array of destructive weaponry such as hammers, saws, and spikes. This is the ultimate contest of engineering, strategy and creativity, and the goal is survival. On the Website learn about upcoming battles, rules and guidelines, and tips on how to build a BattleBot.
  8. LifeFX - LifeFX Facemail -- a powerful, entertaining and easy-to-use technology that enables you to send and receive talking e-mails that have life-like human expressions -- will forever change the way you communicate. LifeFXtm Facemail uses Stand-In Virtual People to communicate the e-mail that you author. It is as simple as typing text the way you do now. Plus, you control the engaging expressions of our Stand-Ins by using typical, familiar emoticons.
  9. - A web-based pictorial directory service for churches that also offers online prayer ministry, electronic newsletter publication, business directory, web site hosting and other features.
  10. - Provides customers a centralized, easy-to-use, and inexpensive resource to create a wide array of image-based business materials, saving time and money. Over 190,000 photos, illustrations, clip art, cartoons, fonts, Web art images, movies, and sounds that can be individually purchased and downloaded. Over 650 templates for use with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to create distinctive reports, newsletters, and presentations.
  11. Veripost - Provides the most comprehensive solution to the growing issue of e-mail address changes through its leading-edge service that will -- at no cost to consumers -- provide updates for the millions of e-mail address that change annually.
  12. - The unique user-friendly features of place a myriad of prescription drug pricing information at the fingertips of the most novice Internet user. PillBot technology allows users to compare prescription drug prices in one easy-to-read format. Overall prescription drug prices are broken down by dosage and quantity.
  13. - Spotlights the game, movie, comic book, anime and television industries, and features original content, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access and one-on-one interviews with top-tier Hollywood actors, artists and other industry professionals. The first in a series of planned 'cybersodes,' original entertainment content designed specifically for its avid audience of fantasy, science fiction, animation and popular culture enthusiasts has been launched.
  14. NPG Music Club - Rock legend Prince plans introduces a Web site that will offer new exclusive songs, videos, rehearsals and Webcasts of concerts, featuring his band, New Power Generation (NPG) through a subscription service called the NPG Music Club.
  15. - A comprehensive Web resource on streaming media from Jupiter Media Metrix. The Web site combines exclusive insight from industry executives and experts with market data, focused news, company information, and tools to connect and inform professionals as they make critical decisions about technology.

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