New Sites on the Web from Week of February 19, 2001

  1. EyeWitness - This site illuminates the past through personal narratives and other first-hand sources and is the creation of Ibis Communications, Inc. a digital publisher of educational programming. Starting with the ancient world, and an eyewitness account of Alexander defeating the Persians in 331 BC, and the explosion of Mount Vesuvius at Pompey, the gripping eyewitness accounts cover events in the Middle Ages, the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and end at World War II.
  2. ezboard - Enables users to create and customize their own Web-based "social space" for professional collaboration and social discussion. Offers an easy-to-use application that engages people to create and participate in highly customized and personalized online communities, which may be seamlessly integrated with any Web page.
  3. MediaBrowser - An Internet software and new media company whose initial product is a customized web browser based on the Internet Explorer platform from Microsoft. There are approximately 50 customized browsers online from which to choose. The browser is available for a company to combine online advertising, promotions, and targeted e-mail campaigns into a single custom browser platform.
  4. - Consumers looking for the best deals on vacation travel can now enjoy one-stop shopping at The site, which has offered value-priced air/hotel vacation packages, recently added cruises to its line-up of vacation products.
  5. - A portal for travelers worldwide to Hawaii. The site offers photos and facts on accommodations, places to dine, where to purchase items, and places to visit, and much more for the Hawaiian Islands.
  6. - The first comprehensive media outlet targeting event planning and business entertaining. As a free news, information and "smart" resource directory, BiZBash makes both planning and post-analysis of events faster and more reliable, as well as fun and addictive. BiZBash event coverage includes everything from conferences, press conferences, fashion shows and product launches, to galas, premieres, holiday parties, parades, protests and sporting events. New York is the first of 10 markets BiZBash plans to serve.
  7. Skiing Motion - A resource for skiers that features professional athletes who provide skills, techniques and tips through short video sequences. Introduces users to information about skiing as well as products, brands and equipment recommended by professional athletes. Users are able to upload their own skiing sequences to the site, participate in online forums, talk with the athletes through web chats, collect a database of their favorite sequences, e-mail videos and find out what equipment and products the professionals use.
  8. - Seattle based has launched a relocation directory for 150 cities across the country. The service has helped thousands of users find homes to buy and apartments to rent this year at no cost to the user. The service is free to people looking for a home to rent or buy. You can even post links for free.
  9. ePodunk - Provider of information about place in the United States. Its database contains profiles of 28,000 cities, towns, villages and hamlets in all 50 states. Its database lists the well-known residents of communities and includes hundreds of literary quotes about place. It also includes a comprehensive list of local museums, festivals, recreation areas, bookstores, and parks. ePodunk also gives visitors an opportunity to send and receive free on-line vintage postcards from their favorite places.
  10. - Simplifies the search for top-notch reference tools, periodicals and online texts, library information, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and quotations.
  11. Early Foundations Learning Company - The Company now offers children's books in a downloadable format saving customers high publishing and mailing costs. These books are offered to ensure children feel successful the first time they read. High frequency words are used and humorous color illustrations fully support the text in each book.
  12. Ultralife Batteries - A leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of the widest range of standard as well as customized lithium primary and polymer rechargeable batteries.
  13. - The online service allows customers to select the groceries for purchase from any Internet connected computer. The groceries will be bagged and ready for pick up at a preset time on the way home from the office, school, or ball game. Offers shopping by meal planners, recipes, nutritional information, specials, or by aisles, and the ability to save personalized shopping lists.
  14. Arrow Electronics - Arrow Electronics has launched two new ways--the product category search and contextual search engine--to find parts on Arrow's web site. With more than 2.5 million part numbers available, the product category search is extremely valuable for engineers who may not know the exact part number, but instead know the technology that they want to design with. Provides quick access to a wealth of electronic component information such as data sheets, application notes and other technical data.
  15. Harry Potter - A comprehensive site and community forum dedicated to the world of Harry Potter. The Web site will amplify the reader's experience and provide a great entree to the world of `Harry Potter' for those who may not have yet explored the stories. The Web site, which will be regularly updated with new features and news, welcomes visitors with an animated short of the famed Hogwarts Express train, which whisks Harry and his classmates from Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross station off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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