New Sites on the Web from Week of March 3, 2003

  1. - A new online database that helps patients without prescription drug coverage access user friendly information about more than 1,400 medicines offered free through patient assistance programs sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and others. People who need help in obtaining medicines can log on to, fill out an online form and receive a list of programs for which they may qualify.
  2. - today announced the introduction of its new marketing tool called the Web Page Blaster(TM). The Web Page Blaster is a new broadcast technology tool that is tightly integrated with's online marketing platform. This new tool allows users to email entire web pages.
  3. Fox Sports - Answering the growing demand for in-depth coverage of international sports, Fox Sports World and today announced the launch of the channel's new online home. The revamped site lets Fox Sports World extend its programming through enhanced interactive features, and enables the channel to more effectively promote its popular international sports properties and offer integrated media sales packages.
  4. Cartoon Monsoon - Cartoon Monsoon serves up brand new cartoons every two weeks and wants you to vote for your favorites. Cartoon Monsoon will present 10 new cartoons created by some of the brightest minds in animation today. These creators have been working alongside the development and production teams of Warner Bros Animation, Warner Bro. Online and MTT Enterprises.
  5. The Gallup Brain - The Gallup Brain is the Gallup Poll's complete unmatched archive of public opinion that contains responses to more than 125,000 questions asked by the Poll since 1935. The comprehensive archive is comprised of data and analysis on Americans' attitudes on virtually every topic discussed in public forums and around water coolers since the second term of Franklin Roosevelt.
  6. CellForCash - Provides consumers and businesses a convenient way to get cash for cellphones that otherwise lay idle.
  7. Ziff Davis Wireless Supersite - The new wireless website will provide news and analysis on a wide range of topics for enterprise-level IT managers and consumers. Whether you're a corporate IT manager looking to deploy a wireless LAN or a consumer trying to hook up your Bluetooth mouse, the Wireless Supersite delivers the one-stop destination for wireless and networking information.
  8. Ziff Davis Storage Supersite - Ziff Davis' Storage Supersite will feature news and reviews of the latest software and hardware products. He will report on strategies for developing and managing storage assets, offer analyses, showcase case studies and link to all of the significant news stories from around the Web.
  9. Ziff Davis Security Supersite - The new Security Supersite will present content related to securing enterprise and home networks and personal computers. The website will keep IT executives and consumers abreast of the latest security issues with news about viruses and vulnerabilities, reviews of new security products, tips on securing computers and networks, and real-world examples of security successes and failures.

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