New Sites on the Web from Week of March 5, 2001

  1. - An e-commerce business focused on the needs of people with mature pets. The company provides information and on- and off-line products and services addressing the health care and end-of-life needs of senior and geriatric companion animals.
  2. The Great Indoors - Consolidates virtually everything needed for the decorating and remodeling process all in one place, at a variety of compelling price points. Customers shopping at can shop and browse by room or category and view striking photos of products in kitchens, on beds, in bathrooms and in a great room.
  3. Skateboarding Motion - An online resource for skateboarders that features professional athletes who provide skills, techniques and tips through short video sequences. Allows the user to upload their own sequences to the site, talk with the athletes through web chats, collect a database of their favorite sequences, participate in online forums, e-mail videos and find out what equipment and products the professionals are using.
  4. - Designed to tap into the passion that diet Coke drinkers have for entertainment, celebrity and lifestyle-based activities, and the new website will serve as the brand's online hub. . Sampling and offline TV and print initiatives -- offline ad screensavers, wallpaper, etc. -- will also play a role on

  5. - A B2B interactive web site dedicated to the film and television industries offering resources from around the world needed to produce movies, television shows, or any visual media. Industry professionals can use the site to track projects, properties, people and productions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- and at the same time stay current with entertainment news, feature and celebrity interviews, and box office reports.
  6. KOCH Entertainment - The new flash site allows the user to search through the many genre's that encompass the KOCH Entertainment catalog from Hip-Hop to Classical, Rock to Country, Jazz to Children's. Find up to the minute Breaking News on KOCH artists, such as added tour dates, artist appearances and a constantly updated album release schedule.
  7. - An online marketing and promotion site for Wyzer, Inc. Wyzer offers a suite of services that include product sampling, market research, data collection and analysis, and direct marketing.
  8. GovernmentGuide - A comprehensive online listing of federal, state and local government information, resources and services brought to you by American Online. The service includes more than 60,000 federal, state and local sites in a clear, easily searchable directory.
  9. Exyst - It is now possible to open your Web browser, type in an e-mail address instead of a URL, and have it display a person's e-business card or other Web page. With the Exyst service, everyone can use his or her own e-mail address to reference a personalized e-business card.
  10. SMARTHINKING - A full-service provider of tutoring, technology, and training to colleges, high schools, graduate schools, and consortia. Provides online tutoring and academic support for core courses in education. Real-time help is available in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, and Psychology, as well as an Online Writing Lab and research tools.
  11. PageMeBack - A free web-based service that allows individuals and businesses to publish Internet content for users with wireless email devices. With just a few clicks, you can make a site with content that is accessible by any wireless email device.
  12. The JASON Foundation for Education - An educational Web site that enable teachers and students all over the world to take part in global explorations using advanced interactive telecommunications. Currently there is an online expedition looking to solve the mysteries of why humpbacks sing.
  13. - Provides broader industry information of vital interest to managers in all segments of the telecom industry including local phone service, long distance, wireless and data services.
  14. Global Movement for Children - A collection of people and organizations around the world dedicated to promoting the rights of children everywhere. The movement focuses on participation, action and accountability for everyone. Their aim is to change the world with children.
  15. - Unlike gift sites that try to sell you whatever's in stock, connects you to top-rated gift ideas anywhere on the Web. The gift ideas are submitted by users, and the most popular ideas earn money. Now available are creative gift ideas designed especially for consumers affected by the energy crisis in California and rising rates across the country.
  16. Digital Gorbachev Presidential Library - The new "digital library" of former Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, has launched with tributes from leaders and citizens around the world on the occasion of Mr. Gorbachev's 70th birthday.
  17. - The site supports a competitive online society of tempestuous players where winning is based on daily stock performance in matches and races between top performing stocks. During the course of the day, players research stocks, chat with other players and watch the action of the market as it evolves in graphical arenas making the stock market truly come alive.

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