New Sites on the Web from Week of March 11

  1. RedEye Interactive - Allows new media creative developers and authors to post their programs at the RedEye Web site on consignment. Harbors programs and components (i.e. Java, ASP, PHP, GUIs, sound clips, 3D models, etc.) that new media professionals can use to develop their own projects. When an artist or programmer uploads a particular component, it is housed and protected by, only to be purchased under the artist's or programmer's defined conditions and desired price.
  2. Consumer Info Central - Maintains a database of information on more than one million physicians and more than 100,000 chiropractors, in addition to the almost 300,000 dentist records on file. Consumers can search the backgrounds of physicians, chiropractors, and dentists through comprehensive public record information.
  3. - The first Internet Lottery Captain Web site to service players or groups of players who want to order tickets for a chance to win the California Super Lotto Plus jackpot.
  4. Rain Bird Corporation - A great resource for professionals and homeowners, seeking not only industry information, but also helpful tips and solutions about irrigation products or installation issues. Assists customers with issues that can apply to any landscaping or agricultural project, from backyards to farms to golf courses to sports arenas and public parks.
  5. Streamjack Music - Introducing new streaming jukebox software that enables you to listen to your music collection anywhere on the Internet or over your home network. Set Streamjack Music up on the PC where you keep your Music files. Streamjack Music will automatically search your computer, and set up a Music Jukebox for you on your Personal Streamjack Music Web site. Enjoy your music collection when you are away, at work, at a friend's place, anywhere. Enjoy your music collection at any computer on your home network.
  6. - Provides women, their families and health professionals with information on what to do if they or someone they know is faced with a suspicious mammogram or breast abnormality that needs further evaluation by biopsy.
  7. - The only place on the Internet focused entirely on listing unique beach house properties available for rent around the world. Connects vacationers and property owners/managers together online. Provides an easy-to-navigate, online directory listing thousands of beachfront properties.
  8. - Italian e-commerce destination and one of the most important Italian optical dealers, offering 11,000 attractive sunglasses and eyeglasses. The whole range is created by the most important and world-renowned designers -- with all the style and elegance associated with the Italian brand. There are a number of collections -- one is for the European market which is very trendy and the other two are for the United States and Asiatic markets which are more classic.

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