New Sites on the Web from Week of March 12, 2001

  1. Denali National Park - Located in the very heart of the rugged Alaskan Interior, Denali National Park and Preserve provides travelers with information about park activities, lodging and dining as well as transportation options to Denali. Information on wildlife and natural history tours, whitewater rafting and float trips is also provided.
  2. - The site features a mix of short films, streaming everything from film festival award-winners to student films, and opportunities for rising talent to be discovered through promotions. At present the site exclusively features more than 200 films from around the world and will add as many as 100 films every six months.
  3. - A daily political news and commentary site. Offers commentary from both sides of the political aisle. Visitors to the site get the views of the "Left" and "Right" and judge for themselves as to what the real story is. On the main page, viewers can see a split view of politics with liberal news, commentary and organizations on the left and the opposing Conservative views on the right.
  4. - A leading media and technology services company that aggregates hundreds of sports Web site communities in one network. The network consists of hundreds of sports-related team and affinity channels, with more than 700 writers and experts who deliver leading in-depth team and player coverage.
  5. Reef - Reef EveryWare, an Internet software application, gives Web publishers the ability to dynamically transform web content for a range of devices used to access the web, including mobile phones, PDAs, WAP phones, Internet appliances, enterprise terminals, web pads and home server devices.
  6. - The most comprehensive employment site for job seekers. Offers consumers free access to more than 8 million jobs collected from over 100,000 web sites.
  7. Sheba Speaks - The artists and programmers at 3D Door have created Sheba, the World's first virtual astrologer. The service for Windows users can stream her horoscopes to users over the Internet. Sheba Speaks is another demonstration by the company of its streaming 3D animation production abilities.
  8. Matoox - Be able to say everything that you think - well almost - to who ever you want. There’s no risk of anyone being annoyed with you nor losing your job, since the messages which you choose are sent by us and in total respect of your anonymity. You can choose to send your message by e-mail, on large postcards, or by sending gifts.
  9. Mir Reentry Expedition - is mounting an expedition to the event area to observe, film, videotape, and record the reentry event as the Space Station Mir returns from orbit and passes through the earth’s atmosphere. NaviSite will provide with an exclusive stream of the event as the 140-ton Mir space station burns up in an extraordinary celestial display upon its fiery reentry into the Earth's atmosphere. The reentry is expected to occur on or around March 20.
  10. - The world's first and only remote access and collaboration community. Given permission, the member can connect to one or more PC's as if sitting right in front of its screen. Using only a web browser, a member can view, control, and be controlled by any PC on the web.
  11. Jackalope Audio - Creates a network of individual users who make their pre-recorded music selections available to others in the network via the Internet. Unlike some highly publicized music sharing systems that download music files, Jackalope Audio lets users create a list of their favorite selections and then stream these selections from other network members without actually downloading or copying the music files.
  12. Church Plaza - The first Internet site aimed at serving the broad purchasing needs of the nation's 370,000 churches. The site brings together thousands of items -- from pews and pulpits to copiers and phone systems -- in a single online store for pastors, church leaders and administrators.
  13. Paulson Pearls - Paulson Pearls offers an extensive selection of hand made pearl necklaces including single, double and triple strands, floating necklaces, various sizes of pearls and white, black, peach, gray or peacock cultured pearls.
  14. - Offers professional, affordable home sale marketing materials, links to necessary resources such as real estate attorneys and on-line home valuations, and a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that takes the mystery out of selling your own home.
  15. Facegenerator - A face transformation tool (works only in IE4+), which enables realistic looking manipulation of facial features. All facial features are coded into parameters, which can be sent as a link to your friends and foes.
  16. Fleet - Provides small business owners with the information, tools, and advice they need to operate more efficiently. Owners can now access a personalized page to aggregate banking and investments -- even from other financial companies -- plus reward programs, airline miles, e-mail, and other online accounts on one page for convenient financial management. The portal can also be customized to include news feeds and other information.
  17. - A new Web service that allows individuals, organizations and businesses to quickly and easily create custom T-shirts with their own digital images. Customers to the site will be able to quickly and easily upload photos, crop and enhance them, "double-click" them onto T-shirts and visualize the results prior to ordering.
  18. SpeedyReward - Allows users to make money by doing things that they already do on the Internet including visiting websites, participating in offers and shopping online. All that is required for the user to do is to signup to receive e-mails that will contain these offers.
  19. The American ISP Association - The new web site is both a resource and tool for the 7000+ small and medium sized ISPs across the country to become informed and to voice their opinions to their representatives. It is also an activation center for Internet consumers who want to get involved to keep Internet access affordable and competitive.
  20. - A trusted home repair and information resource available on the web. Offers consumers a robust source of answers to homeowner how-to and fix-it questions. Find experienced quality service providers in your area to repair or service just about anything. RepairNow provides you with an in-depth profile of many service providers - from services offered to directions to their location.

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