New Sites on the Web from Week of March 13

  1. - An online magzine and community where experienced cruisers can share their thoughts, and where novices and prospective passengers can read reviews of all the major ships. The site also features articles by prominent cruise journalists about all aspects of seagoing vacations.
  2. - Offers regular special features for fans throughout the course of the season. With original content and commentary, real-time game coverage and complete baseball news and information, is the destination for baseball fans seeking the most comprehensive coverage available online.
  3. TelekomNet - An online vertical hub for the networking and telecommunications industry. A complete B-to-B site for networking and telecommunications professionals. In addition to direct e-commerce, the site includes discussion groups, a used equipment auction, articles and columns from IT professionals, and a comprehensive library of networking and telecommunications information.
  4. - A virtual health center developed to help patients research information and connect them online to HealthFrontier physicians, their physicians, or other health professionals. Also provides an adjunct to physicians' services, unifying new developments in telemedicine with the Internet to provide cost effective healthcare alternatives.
  5. Good Stuff Technologies - Download Version 1.0 of STREAM IT which uses complex compression algorithms to permit narrow-band streaming of video and audio over the Internet using a standard 28.8K, 56K, or higher modems.
  6. - An Internet accounting portal and participatory virtual accounting community. It features thousands of indexed web links to tax, accounting, and financial planning sites. Also features a unique keyword search capability that allows accountants to instantly search over 1.3 million specially indexed, accounting-related Web pages.
  7. MyPrimeTime - MyPrimeTime targets people between the ages of 35 and 54. Content is in four areas: personal finance, careers, health and fitness, and travel and leisure.
  8. - View on-demand streaming video technology aimed at the outdoor sports enthusiast. Enjoy hundreds of outdoor video clips like white water rafting, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, camping, rock climbing and more. Visitors to the site can also select from an entire host of national and regional fishing and hunting shows.
  9. - A comprehensive and unbiased connectivity resource that enables consumers to research, select and purchase Internet access, wireless telephony, local and long-distance telephone services and cable and satellite television services.
  10. - A Web site where people with questions can talk to people with answers over the phone. Consumers browse a directory of people who are available to answer questions on a particular topic, click on the Call Now button and pay a per-minute fee for a live answer.
  11. Western Journal of Medicine - Provides a major educational resource for clinicians in the Western states, while maintaining high standards for cutting-edge clinical research for researchers the world over.
  12. - Offers everything you need to improve your research productivity. From a comprehensive catalog of products, custom synthesis capabilities, job postings, grant applications, on-line discussions, and links to helpful sites to the latest news (commercial and academic). Distributor of biotech equipment, supplies and reagents deploying leading-edge Internet technology.
  13. - Leading fire and emergency services portal, provides free email service, community forums, live chats, line of duty death rosters, and covers daily news and information for the emergency services sector.
  14. - One of the largest Internet job sites and career fair producer in North America. maintains a resume database of over 350,000 resumes and is adding ten of thousands of resumes to its database each month.
  15. - Features a wide range of fine, brand-name furnishings and accessories for the home and garden from a variety of well-known manufacturers.
  16. - Web destination for sportbike and motorcycle enthusiasts. Offers articles, racing news, reviews, and information on manufacturer's latest models.
  17. - Online resource on divorce, including many links to relevant websites, feature-length articles, and a "Q&A" section featuring advice from respected divorce professionals.
  18. NightFunk - A localized guide for the college-aged poulation. Provides students with college-specific information. Lists the best guest lectures, club auditions, bar specials, greek events, and parties. Now offering service at over 80 major universities.

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