New Sites on the Web from Week of March 18

  1. Planet Hot Wheels - An interactive on-line gaming and community Web site that allows players to race online in real-time, competing head-to-head against either their friends or computerized opponents for real and virtual prizes.
  2. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers - The rbauctionBid-Live service allows customers to follow the live auction, hear the auctioneer and place bids, all live and in real-time over the Internet.
  3. - A media and information site dealing with the OTCBB, AMEX and NASDAQ Small Cap stock markets. produces quality and timely audio content that offers market participants and investors a different look at the markets. Audio interviews are regularly conducted with company officials as well as individuals associated with the stock markets.
  4. Eastman Kodak Company - Five cameras focused upon a nest box built by Kodak give visitors an exclusive look at the lives of a family of Peregrine falcons. Through digital photography and the Birdcam, anyone - nature enthusiasts, children, parents, teachers, or just the curious - can glimpse these rare and beautiful birds and their fascinating nesting process.
  5. - An excellent resource for job seekers concerned about their resumes. The site contains over 150 sample edited resumes searchable by industry or keyword, comprehensive guides to designing and writing traditional or scannable resumes, in-depth letter of recommendation and interview help centers, detailed cover letter help, networking advice, a guide to changing careers and a free Web resume builder
  6. Star Trek -- The Experience - The site offers a cinematic experience and is the first Star Trek site ever built using "flash" technology as a core element to both educate and entertain fans globally about the one-of-a-kind Star Trek -- The Experience. Users can experience the full realm of Star Trek by taking an interactive tour of the attraction, the restaurant and shop for one-of-a-kind merchandise at the online store.
  7. - Provides a complete outplacement service for the prime aspects of the employment search: Resume Preparation, Skills Assessment, Contact Management, Interview Scheduling, Reminders and Contact Lists of Prospective Employees.
  8. - A privately owned software company that has developed an independent trading platform for the casual investor, thus allowing a place for investors to trade with other independent investors. Investors will be able to place orders 24/7, 365 days a year for $4.00 per trade.
  9. - High-school students can explore the full range of post-secondary opportunities available to them using a new online service offered through participating high schools and directly online. My College Options is the first free post-secondary planning service and the only program of its kind to offer a written certificate guaranteeing privacy for users.
  10. - As a cutting-edge online magazine, ( is a digital instrument to stimulate instinctual living. offers a state of the art personals engine which brings ones true identity to fruition through a slew of personality tests that reveal the many different instinctual layers of one's character.
  11. - An innovative real estate marketing concept, gives homeowners a direct pipeline to their neighbors next door, across the street and blocks away, through real estate professional-sponsored neighborhood Web sites. Each agent-sponsored Web site, named for the neighborhood it serves, is stocked with practical information about everything from block parties, garage sales, new neighbors, babysitter or lawn-mowing services to recent selling prices of local homes.

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