New Sites on the Web from Week of March 27

  1. - A source of information on the small-cap market. The Red Chip Review(R) provides research on 250 companies. Users can view research reports, financial news and commentary, trading information, and webcast events.
  2. - Web site focused on providing outdoor enthusiasts with the most comprehensive and reliable trail and destination information. Comprehensive database containing thousands of trails and outdoor destinations throughout North America.
  3. - A free online learning environment made up of the world's best links to knowledge on the Internet. Its carefully pre-screened links ensure that students are only a few Clicks away from everything they need to know about everything from long division to Native Americans to the habitat of the earthworm.
  4. Cartica - An online provider of maps and map-related products and services. Cartica's thousands of products range from consumer mapping items, such as atlases, globes, and gifts, to professional product categories including GPS products, digital maps, and mapping software.
  5. - A Web site which is a free service providing a categorization of individual magazine articles and search engine. Its categorization of individual articles makes it easy to monitor articles on a particular topic regardless of where they are published.
  6. - A full-service real estate broker that offers homeowners the ability to sell their homes via a controlled online auction, or through the traditional real estate model, utilizing a full-service real estate agent, while charging just a 2.5 percent commission.
  7. - On-line fitness and nutrition site for women based on clinically tested, university-based research.
  8. - A vertical portal offering collectors a wide variety of services including unparalleled imaging to view objects, advice and appraisals from world renowned experts in various collecting categories, and in-depth content.
  9. - A leading K-12, teacher-driven communications service that brings together administrators, teachers, students and parents through the power of the Internet. Provides schools with free, secure and highly customizable Web-based systems. Also provides free product training and support to technology administrators and teachers.
  10. - Designed to deliver the most comprehensive and engaging experience yet for music lovers around the world: live, continuous, personality-driven music and audio/video programming, real-time display of artist and track information, single-click purchasing of music and merchandise, live chat and instant messaging, and a database of global events.
  11. - An online center for amateur sports dedicated to serving the needs of the sports family and the entire amateur sports community - players, parents, fans, coaches, league administrators and officials. Has agreements with premier youth sports organizations such as Little League Baseball, Amateur Softball Association, Police Athletic League and many others.
  12. - An equine web portal that is the starting point for horse lovers of all ranges to begin their quest for information on goods and services relating to this sector.
  13. - Receive reliable up-to-the minute allergy forecasts that show the upcoming airborne allergen conditions in your local environment.
  14. Zaphealth - A health portal designed specifically for teens and young adults. Provides young people with access to relevant health-related information, while creating a new kind of online community dedicated to health and social issues.
  15. - The first vertical portal and online marketplace to all the arts and culture. Information on the visual arts, performing arts, design, literature, music and film is presented using the Web's first interconnected guide to the arts and culture.
  16. - The place to go to search out scholarship opportunities for colleges, universities, and graduate schools. The free site offers a directory of over 4,000 schools, but an unique feature is a quiz for prospective scholarship recipients. Fill out your plans and qualifications, and the service then lists all scholarships for which a student is eligible.

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