New Sites on the Web from Week of April 1

  1. - Web site offers lifestyle and shopping experiences centered exclusively around women's products. It brings apparel and footwear to life in everyday scenarios that are relevant to young women. The site also features a section with fitness information on Reebok Core Training, mind/body wellness, running and walking.
  2. - The first and only gift registry for airline frequent flyer miles. Send the couple on a memorable honeymoon or anniversary at the click of a mouse. You or a group of friends can purchase anywhere from 500 miles up to 100,000+ miles and for as little as $21.45. A gift announcement will be sent instantly online, by mail, or over night and the frequent flyer miles can be redeemed on any of the partnering major airlines including American, America West, Continental, and Delta.
  3. DirtCheapDiamonds - A pioneer in on-line loose diamond sales. Expanding to offer two new customer services -- custom jewelry design and the opportunity to see the diamonds before purchase. We have organized a network of certified diamond appraisers across the country. If our customer wants to see their diamond before purchase, we send it to the appraiser's office," said Mr. Schultz. "If they like what they see, they complete the transaction.
  4. X-traFun - You can now wirelessly access the Internet using the GameBoy handheld console. X-traFun Inc. has designed and developed a cartridge for the GameBoy family of products that will enable mobile edutainment for kids of all ages. Besides interactive game playing, kids can now receive and send e-mails, perform chat messaging, e-book reading, and much more. Parents can send messages to their children while away from home.
  5. InstantGamer - A text-based game that enables people to compete over SMS, IM, email or 2-way pagers. InstantWrestler, which allows users to play against the computer or challenge a friend, offers unique and entertaining features such as the ability to name a wrestler and a 'Trash Talking Feature' where users can send messages to their opponent in the middle of a match. To play, users simply need to add "InstantWrestler" to their Yahoo friend list and send it a message to "wrestle." InstantWrestler is currently live on Yahoo! Messenger and can be easily deployed on other IM platforms.
  6. SiteCreator - A new service that creates custom-designed Websites from a wide array of templates online. . SiteCreator offers a variety of customizable templates based on content categories and four distinct color choices for each of the templates. Customers can use the demonstration mode to preview the site before they purchase the template. The price for a SiteCreator generated Web site is US$20 for 3-page, US$30 for 5-page, and US$40 for 10-page templates.
  7. This Old House - Provides a wealth of expert advice from trusted craftsmen, builders, and contractors on topics ranging from small, easy-to-accomplish repairs to major remodeling projects, for kitchens and whole-house renovations. Detailed, step-by-step editorial features, accompanied by photos and illustrations, provide reliable and trustworthy information.

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