New Sites on the Web from Week of April 2, 2001

  1. Kids-In-Mind - A comprehensive database of movie reviews that goes way beyond the standard movie ratings to let you know what your kids will see before they see it. The site rates each movie for sex and nudity, violence and gore, and profanity. But the detailed descriptions really let you know what to expect. Whether you have young children who might not be ready for a PG or PG-13 movie, or teenagers who are dying to see an R movie you're not sure about, Kids-In-Mind provides an extremely helpful guide.
  2. - Launched in conjunction with the Daytona 500 this past February, creates a rich, interactive community that provides race enthusiasts with NASCAR information found nowhere else on the Web and the chance for fans to be connected in both the on-line and off-line realms.
  3. - Helps businesses increase their productivity, efficiency and safety by enabling authorized managers and security personnel to view business operations "live" from any Web browser at any time. The only Web-based video monitoring and storage solution that is sold exclusively through security dealers.
  4. Serve Great Beer - Pub and bar owners and their bar staff can instantly improve customers' drinking experience when they get smart with tips from The truth is, a lot can go right ... or wrong, as the beer travels the final three feet from keg to glass. You'll learn everything from Line Flushing 101, Solving Gnarly Glassware Problems, and the Secrets of Customer Attraction and Retention. Your bar staff will be the smartest kids in the class.
  5. MSN Music - The site is designed as a music broadcasting service that allows users to sample radio stations playing a wide variety of musical genres.

  6. Traffic - Provides you personalized traffic information about the roads you travel. By providing alternate route conditions when there are delays, Traffic will save you time and help ease your frustrations. Viewing the traffic on your driving routes or your entire city anytime is free. Personalized traffic alerts are just $5.95 per month.
  7. Intel Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program - Thousands of people are affected by cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's or other diseases. You don't have to be a scientist to help find a cure. The Intel® Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program helps to combat life-threatening illnesses by linking millions of PCs into what we predict to be the largest and fastest computing resource in history. This makes unprecedented amounts of processing power available to medical researchers to accelerate the development of improved treatments and drugs that could potentially cure diseases.
  8. Waterways - The country's largest, single-source, boating safety equipment online store. Carries boating equipment specifically designed to provide the utmost in reliability and performance. Waterways offers more than 1,500 items, quality name brands and the safety and security of shopping at a secure site.
  9. David Copperfield's Dream Portal - For the first time in Internet history, a major celebrity breaks down perceived online limitations and goes all the way in his production of captivating web entertainment. Employing all available resources, the portal is on the same level of production, creative, and technological quality as entertainment on traditional media. David Copperfield Studios brings us the first ever series of web illusions such as burning browsers, water behind screens, laser cuts, and a voyage deep inside computers, among others.

  10. Bitstream - The leading developer of font technology, digital fonts, and custom font designs for a wide variety of markets. Visit the new online store for finding, trying, and buying fonts online. A streamlined search engine for finding fonts is available as well as unique ways to try before you buy, including test drives and character maps.
  11. - The first-ever online collectibles "stock market" where investors and collectors can buy and sell listed, investment-grade collectibles instantly and reliably pursuant to bid/ask prices set by market forces.'s technology, design and content resemble that of an on-line broker, featuring a real-time ticker, various "Dow Jones" type indices, historical price graphs, breaking industry news, and customized personal portfolios.
  12. Premium Music Network - Offers a complete array of content for music lovers. The site contains articles and interviews with top musicians and groups, reviews of music products, contests and prizes.
  13. QualKids - Delivers health, safety, education and management tools specifically geared for child care professionals and families with children in child care. QualKids' Literacy Launcher(TM)is the first online program specifically designed to help prepare children for kindergarten. Created for youngsters ages four-five, Literacy Launcher(TM) ensures that all students enter kindergarten with the basic skills necessary for success in school.
  14. - Provide a single place on the Web where people can find and read the obituaries of their loved ones, regardless of where they lived or when the death occurred. The firm's National Obituary Archive now contains more than 45 million current and historical obituaries and death records, and hundreds of new obituaries are added daily.
  15. - A sound-based, intelligent music recommendation service completely based on your personal moods and tastes. Serves all facets of the music industry: artists, labels, radio stations, distributors and consumers by providing music research and recommendation products and services.
  16. CGISCRIPT.NET - Offers powerful website tools that transform static web pages into dynamic interactive websites. Through a powerful suite of Perl/CGI scripts CGISCRIPT.NET can help automate any website.

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