New Sites on the Web from Week of April 3

  1. - Web site for travelers interested in information and services for Afrocentric entertainment, dining, shopping, historic and cultural sites in cities.
  2. - Contains answers to thousands of legal questions in 120 topics, prepared by America's top law firms, active legal forums moderated by legal experts, legal forms, and links to thousands of attorney Web sites.
  3. - Find the lawyer best suited to meet your needs. Post an anonymous description of your legal issue free of charge and let SharkTank provide you with valuable nformation about lawyers who have reviewed your posting and expressed an interest in providing you with legal services.
  4. DoTell - DoTell enables you to broadcast sreaming audio messages on the Internet from any touch-tone telephone. Stream your message directly to the Web in real-time, send your message via E-mail, or do both at the same time.
  5. Poptel - Call free from your PC to a phone anywhere in the world. Just download the software plug-in and your PC becomes a phone.
  6. Netwills - Offers a fast and efficient way for attorneys, their clients and prospective clients to communicate and share information online. A consumer can provide all the necessary information that a participating attorney needs to develop a will, then receive a quote and authorize the work, all in a secure online environment.
  7. United States Postal Service - Pay bills online with USPS eBillPay - the new service will let customers pay many of their telecommunications and utility bills online.
  8. UL Certifications - Instant information on Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) certifications and registered firms is now available on the Internet, for no charge, in an easily searchable database. Verify if a product is Listed, Recognized or Classified, or if a company's management systems have been registered by UL.
  9. - is the first military-oriented Portal on the Web to offer comprehensive information on such topics as base locations and pertinent service-related information; relocation assistance; free internet access, money and banking services; shopping; travel reservations; free email; national and international news; sports and weather reports; and recreation.
  10. - Members can wager virtual dollars called "Betchabucks" on issues and events in the world of politics, finance, sports, entertainment and whatever else they can imagine. Many great prizes will be awarded to the members who "put their virtual money where their mouths are" and accumulate the highest amount of BetchaBucks within the site's various categories.
  11. FactSafe - Instead of heading to the bank to access your safe deposit box, connect to the Internet and log on anytime, day or night, by utilizing the newest service available to organize, store and secure your personal information such as information for banking, investments, credit cards, loans, insurance, legal and accounting services.
  12. - Largest online shoe store. Lets shoppers select shoes by style, brand, color, size, width, and price. Shoppers can mix and match among the six categories to see only the shoes they are interested in. . The company is a true e-business that has no warehouse or inventory, but arranges for shipments direct from the manufacturer or retailer "partners.
  13. YouCanDeaWithIt - Provided as a public service by American Education Services (AES). Seeks to empower students to take hold of their futures and avoid starting off on the wrong foot. Provides information and resources regarding personal finances, debt management, loan repayment, car shopping, job hunting, and overall budgeting tips.
  14. - A one-stop, full service integrated online community dedicated to people with disabilities. Provides people with disabilities with access to education, employment, entertainment, travel, financial and other information resources that the rest of the population has traditionally taken for granted.
  15. - Offers on-line ticketing for 5 Major League Soccer teams and a host of other sports teams around the world. Features stadium layouts, a listing of available seats, team information and a variety of services for fans.
  16. eScuba - eScuba offers timely news articles on dive destinations, marine life, health and safety issues; provides the Web's most thorough directory of dive destinations, boats, resorts and operators. The site is a place where experienced divers can plan trips, share experiences, and meet dive buddies. At the same time, it's a location where non-divers and novices can learn more about the sport.
  17. - The Internet's first and only used car e-tailer, introduced its service in Oregon with the opening of its first Delivery Center in downtown Portland. Customers can specify make, model, options and color online or via a toll free number. iMotors' buyers locate and buy the vehicle from a pool of 1.8 million used vehicles on the market and recondition each vehicle and certify it to be in like-new condition.
  18. - Provides multi-continent air tickets at a fraction of the price offered by traditional travel agents and airlines, and has a searchable database of more than 50,000 fares from dozens of airlines and discount vendors globally.
  19. - Features articles by writers from Salon magazine and others, and missives from many grooms-to-be about proposals, the groom's role in wedding planning, picking a tuxedo, recruiting the best man, life after the "I do's," even how to give memorable toasts, and handle the mother-in-law. Grooms-to-be can even order a custom-written toast, a tuxedo or groomsmen's gifts.
  20. - Provides theatergoers up-to-the minute theater information and easy access to a full range of ticketing options.
  21. Track a Flight - Allows the viewer to observe the actual location of any commercial flight in the U.S. or Canada over the Internet. The display includes a map of the aircraft's current location with detailed flight information including altitude, speed, and ETA.
  22. - Provides tools and resources for all webmasters, from beginners to professionals. Links to the best sites for teaching you how to use HTML and a listing of text editors
  23. - Offering innovative Internet phone service. The Company's proprietary Internet-based software provides consumers with trusted, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art and free PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone calling.

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