New Sites on the Web from Week of April 10

  1. - Allows Internet users to send free animated greeting cards. Also provides electronic Business Greeting Cards and Thank You Cards.
  2. - A direct response, marketing services company serving a network of physicians that specialize in performing elective, cosmetic procedures.
  3. - Allows any Internet user to build a free two to four page multimedia Web site complete with an animated introduction and sounds within minutes.
  4. - Offers an easy to use streaming service, making it simple for Web developers to add dynamic content to their web sites. Upload to your media content. They will convert your multimedia content into streaming audio video, and host/deliver your video, audio contents to your page viewers.
  5. - A free online sweepstakes company that focuses on Web-based entertainment and e-commerce. Features a daily chance to win $1 million in cash and other prizes.
  6. - The first music portal to alow completely free and legal downloads of digital music from a broad range of record labels and artists. All music downloaded for free in the PlayJ format includes small visual advertisements that show on the computer screen while the song is playing.
  7. Inner Workout - A weight management Web site for women. Virtual groups of 10 to 15 women move through the weight management program together, guided by clinical experts.
  8. New Era Cap Company - An e-store that allows consumers to purchase caps from an in-stock product line of more than 1,000 models representing teams in Major and Minor Leage Baseball, the NBA, NFL, NHL, and college sports.
  9. - Offers a wide range of services, including an initial comprehensive review within 48 hours. Services range from a "Basic Review", focusing on 5 different elements of a resume (style, content, structure, errors and an overal impression).
  10. - Offers a wide range of information, products and services to people with disabilities, their families, friends and associates. Offers e-commerce, editorial content, travel information and bulletin boards along with a news bureau on disability-related topics, and mentor center and legislator's voting records.
  11. - Allows visitors to access a database of thousands of recipes and meal solutions. Provides daily kitchen tips, meal plans, kid-friendly recipes, recipe reviews and information about the latest GE appliances.

  12. - An independent music and media Web site that focuses on the marketing and digital distribution of independent music and the distinct lifestyle and culture that surrounds it.
  13. - First online ticketing community that gives everyone the ability to sell their tickets directly to their fans without the stringent contracts and artificially high transaction fees associated with major ticketing firms or the hassle of door-to-door selling, sales tracking and RSVP's needed for smaller shows. Online ticket auctions.
  14. - Information and links about all 50 states and their capitals. Also includes trivia such as state birds, flowers, songs, mottos, maps, historical information, and Web cams.
  15. - A collection of online radio stations created by amateur program directors. Download Live365's broadcasting tools and try your hand at creating your own radio station.
  16. - Download an Internet-based software that makes it possible for Web users to browse mirror images of their friends' computers and exchange files.
  17. -, the entertainment and e-commerce Web network focused on the globalization of gaming and pop-culture, launches which offers five original weekly Webisodic animated shows and takes viewers on various action adventures.
  18. - Web site designed to provide easy-to-understand and exciting information about the latest trends, issues and products surrounding technology. Microsoft's Digital Diva, Stacy Elliott, spearheads the Web site's mission to help the growing masses of people befuddled by technology.
  19. MPEG Super Site - An Internet entertainment content provider, produces and hosts music, special events, film and extreme sports Web site. MPEG Super Site will be producing unique concerts, special events specifically designed for the Internet but which can be distributed concurrently via traditional channels such as pay-per-view, videos and television.
  20. Non-Violence Award - The Non-Violence Award is a monetary scholarship reward presented to students who best describe in an essay format the positive aspects of non-violence based on a given topic. Children will enhance their understanding of non-violence and peace by participating in group discussions and essay writings.
  21. - Offers the capability to create and print high-quality, elegant greeting cards directly from the Internet -- for free. Offers a broad range of constantly changing professional-quality images from which to choose. Visitors will also find customized calendars, as well as frameable awards and certificates.

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