New Sites on the Web from Week of April 16, 2001

  1. - The leading source of entertainment product information for music, books, video and games, announced it has launched MuzeDirect(SM), a secure, easy-to-use, personalized Web site that connects live to the internal Muze video database. MuzeDirect(SM) allows US video publishers who have products included in the Muze data-set to retrieve, view, and edit all video product information associated with their company name, related studios, and labels.
  2. Pickled the Movie - Pickled, a surf movie to be released this summer, offers a sneak peak at this Web site. The site features games, interactive contests, and a cutting-edge moviemaker, which allows users to pull scenes from the movie and create their own clips, then send their creation to a friend. The site also gives users the chance to vote on the best video and DVD cover for the movie's release for home use, and introduces Toons in a game of life or death: knock out seagulls and rescue the wacky Toons.
  3. StarMine - A provider of objective ratings of Wall Street analysts. Provides investors with sophisticated research tools to analyze and visualize analyst data and to generate profitable stock market predictions.
  4. Kinetic Travel Network - An interactive site providing travelers with a new forum of communication. Dedicated to gathering tales of adventure, mayhem and meditation from across the world, the company seeks to inspire and empower by building a global community of freethinking and active travelers who feed the growth of the site as they reap the benefits. Propels a community in which members can share stories and resources about global issues, travel and local adventure.
  5. Health House - A national program of the American Lung Association, provides education and training for consumers and builders to help raise the standard for home environments. Whether they are maintaining a home, remodeling, or building a new house, Health House offers consumers and builders the information they need to make homes healthier.
  6. American Family Immigration History Center on Ellis Island - The immigration records of more than 17 million Americans who entered the country through Ellis Island, N.Y. will go online for the first time next Tuesday, Apr. 17. The site will exhibit the actual ship passenger logs on ancestors who came to this country as long as a century ago.

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