New Sites on the Web from Week of April 17

  1. -Receive email and voicemail through your Web browser for free. Whether you want to send your voice or convert your voice to a text message, users will never have to type an email message again.
  2. CrowdBurst - A Web service that empowers individuals to collaborate and to form communities, instantly, on ever page of the Web. Post messages to a Web site. Trails lets one person lead a tour of various Web site for a group of other Net users. Application does not require a software download.
  3. - The first question-and-answer marketplace powered by a person-to-person auction format that connects people with questions to people with answers.
  4. - A non-partison, venture-funded political activism portal whose primary mission is to enhance the democratic process by forming a strong link between the people and their elected officials.
  5. - This site tells you the planned release dates of hundreds of new movies, music albums, DVDs/videos, books, and software.
  6. NetSanity - Download the NetSanity SmartBar for free. Brings your favorite content directly to the desktop. Receive updates on news, stock prices, new email, and auctions without launching a browser. Use Web searches, maps, yellow pages and other utilities.
  7. - Download for free a stand-alone application called SpeedGadget. This application was designed to inform users about their Internet connection. Appearing as a small application on the desktop, SpeedGadget enables users to clock their Internet speed.
  8. - Takes a look at today's favorite sports and athletes with a daily supply of humor as well as original segments such as "Screw Ups," "Hall of Shame," "Trivia" and the network's tongue-in-cheek tribute to swimsuit beauties for both male and female sports fanatics.
  9. SPACEHAB - Provider of commercial services for manned and unmanned payloads. SPACEHAB is the first company to commercially develop, own and operate habitable modules that provide laboratory facilities and logistics resupply aboard NASA's Space Shuttles.
  10. Supreme Court of the United States - Visitors can read the court's decisions the same day they are released and study the High Court's argument calendar, schedules, rules, visitors' guides and bar admission forms.
  11. - An auction site that offers a wealth of items from Picasso to Warhol, ancient artifacts to fine Persian rugs and classic cars. Provides a secure means of buying and selling one-of-a-kind articles by prequalifying prospective bidders submitting bids over $10,000 (or up to $10,000 by credit card).
  12. GoYogi - A portal for those from or interested in all thngs India. Features real-time Bombay Stock Exchange quotes, worldwide cricket coverage, and news on India and global events.
  13. Encarta - Microsoft is making its Encarta dictionary free on the Net. The dictionary also offers human-voice audio pronunciations.
  14. Party411 - An online event planning service for individuals, corporate event planners, and fund-raisers. Provides visitors with a variety of tools and ideas so that they may execute the most succcessful events possible including Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthdays, and more.
  15. - Online textbook retailer and ecommerce destination for 18-24 year olds. The site has expanded into offering clothing, gear, and accessories.
  16. LogoSoftwear - Offers logo'd sportswear and promotional products, without minimum order or setup restrictions.
  17. HomeWrite - Communications and management tools for builders and permanent online home record and owners' manual for homeowners. Everything about a home is recorded permanently, from floor plans, construction pictures, graphics and warranty information, to light fixtures and paint colors.
  18. - An online encyclopedia of IT technical terms. Defines about 2,500 technology terms that can be accessed alphabetically, by category or through a search box. Fast references of acronyms, protocols, and file formats.
  19. Cupid's Web - A fee-driven, interactive dating service targeting the global adult dating industry. Browse member profiles and photos, unique messaging system to meet other members, secure ID number, post a photo of your self online.
  20. Online Photolab - Offers a suite of tools that delivers professional quality image manipulations through a Web based interface. Users will find the tools they need to crop, rotate, scale, composite and enhance their Web page.

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