New Sites on the Web from Week of April 21, 2003

  1. - The citizens' single stop for Federal Forms, has added a new service: a single link to the Government's Top 100 forms. The new page consolidates the most popular forms for taxes, Immigration services, Visa applications and farm and Medicare programs.
  2. -, a leader in online dating, has announced the launch of Voice, a new service allowing members to flirt, have fun and get to know each other privately via telephone conversations and voicemail messages, without disclosing personal phone numbers. members can also elect to "Talk Now," which makes them available for spontaneous calls from Voice subscribers. Call recipients preview a message from a potential caller before electing to either take the real-time call or send the caller to voicemail.
  3. 8minuteDating - Provides a fast, fun, safe and comfortable way to meet people for dating, friendship or business. Participants have eight one-on-one dates that last eight minutes each, and they are encouraged to meet anyone else at the party who catches their eye during intermission and after the eighth date. Following the party, participants log in to to enter the names of the people they want to meet again, either for dating, friendship or business. The automated matching system instantly provides contact information to those with a mutual interest so they can arrange a second date.
  4. Front Row - The website is an exclusive online marketplace for late-model, used vehicles that are available for purchase, finance or lease. Without leaving their home or office, individuals can research price, options, and availability of pre-owned cars and arrange a competitively priced lease designed to fit their needs.
  5. VolunteerMatch - With over 33,000 available volunteer opportunities, VolunteerMatch makes it possible for anyone to find a way to make a difference. Interested volunteers simply enter their ZIP code on the VolunteerMatch home page to receive an up-to-date listing of local volunteer activities. Volunteers may also specify an interest-such as helping children, the homeless or the environment-to refine the list of available opportunities. Signing up is as simple as "point and click."
  6. - The nation's largest online database of criminal records now offers a unified search of 32 statewide Sex Offender registries on its site for $5 per name. Members pay only $3, and a search of's National Criminal Index database includes a search of all 32 state Sex Offender registries for no extra charge. These records generally show the offender's name, date of birth or age, description of offense and last registered address.
  7. Ask Jeeves - Search Company that has upgraded its technology and capabilities in an attempt to increase market share. Ask Jeeves' new Smart Search streamlines the searching process and its results. The technology will immediately provide images and news for search terms that it determines warrant such results, instead of users having to click another tab to see pictures or news.

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