New Sites on the Web from Week of April 30, 2001

  1. - A sci-fi adventure cartoon series that follows the adventures of a green space monkey on an alien world. Fast downloads, beautiful visuals and a fun, all-ages adventure story.
  2. One World Journeys - Award-winning teams of photographers and writers capture on-site, vivid images to immediately share with those who crave live connections with wilderness expeditions and outdoor adventure. Committed to environmental awareness and education, ecotourism, and determination to preserve threatened ecosystems, One World Journeys creates a new world of web documentary by merging the best of nature with leading edge technology.
  3. - Works closely with more than 500 specialty catalogs to offer its shoppers one-of-a-kind and niche products not typically found in traditional malls or stores.
  4. - A leading music website allowing users to preview and rate new music by established and upcoming artists. Created to provide record companies and artists with direct consumer exposure and feedback, the site invites users to listen to new songs in their entirety and to give feedback on the songs they hear.
  5. Looney Tunes - Warner Bros. Online launched, the definitive Internet destination for all things Looney Tunes, including new original animated programming, the first of which is a 10-part serial, "Toon Marooned," starring the Looney Tunes characters duking it out "Survivor"-style for a $100 purse while stranded on a jungle peninsula.
  6. Institute for Equality in Marriage - A non-profit organization to advocate marriage as an emotional, legal and financial partnership of equals that must be defined and maintained. Designed to help individuals effectively manage the process of building, maintaining or dissolving partnerships.
  7. Marshall Field's - The redesigned Web site, a premier department store in the U.S., features the Marshall Field's Gift Registry, technological enhancements for easier navigation, and a wide selection of merchandise. Marshall Field's Gift Registry is a complete resource for everything couples need and want when preparing for married life including china, crystal, flatware, casual dinnerware and glassware, kitchenware and small appliances, bedding and bath, lingerie, luggage and travel services.
  8. - The largest marine classified site on the Web with over 75,000 boats currently for sale. The site features brokers and dealers, consumer information, recent industry information, financial services, insurance, parts and accessories, a price checker feature, loan calculator and more.
  9. John Deere - A new Web site that offers information about John Deere and provides valuable information to the agricultural community. The Web site is extremely customer-focused, delivering information and services to farmers and ranchers, agribusiness associates, educational organizations, and special interest groups. One of the world's oldest and most respected enterprises, John Deere creates smart and innovative solutions in the form of advanced machines, services and concepts for customers on the farmsite, worksite, and homesite worldwide.
  10. Deep Creek - A new weekly web series, created entirely in HTML, lets the audience decide what's in store for its cast of characters. Deep Creek features a 24/7 story environment where users can drive the storyline's direction, discover new bits of story on the site every day, and interact directly with the characters and other fans. At the end of every episode, users can vote in the "You Chart The Course!" poll, choosing what they want to happen next.
  11. Tomb Raider - Paramount Pictures announced the launch of its new "Tomb Raider" Website. The new site is a full-screen cinematic experience that brings movie fans directly into Lara Croft's world. "Tomb Raider" opens in theaters everywhere on June 15, 2001.
  12. Science Master - Offers you and your family a great resource to keep up with current advances in science and technology and learn more about the breakthroughs we now take for granted. Designed to support education, the site contains a wealth of information to help explain the complexities of modern science.
  13. - Serves as both a starting and ending point for webmasters, providing them with comprehensive tutorials to learn new skills, quizzes to test and grade their comprehension of these new skills, and discussion community to request assistance, as well as a growing number of reviews of webmaster-related resources including ASP, Javascript language, and PHP.
  14. - Save money shopping online and choose the coupons from the stores you select. The Internet site gets Web merchants together to offer instantaneous discounts to customers shopping online. is like a discount catalogue online. Choose your merchandise, pick your merchant and gather your coupon codes.
  15. - An Internet film series featuring an A-list roster of Hollywood heavyweights debuts on Five original Internet films featuring sub-plots that allow the viewer to access secret passages through the story lines of each film. Directed by Ben Younger ("Boiler Room"), these mystery rides -- some hidden, some in plain sight -- make the viewing experience a unique one for the Internet movie fan.
  16. - A content partnership between TransWorld Media, a publisher of young men's magazines, and, the home of Sports Illustrated on the web and the sports site for and CNN/Sports Illustrated, the sports news network. The Web site will aggregate the top stories from TransWorld's category-leading action sports sites including,,,,, and

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