New Sites on the Web from Week of May 1

  1. - Olympic fans worldwide do not have to wait until the Opening Ceremony, September 15, to enjoy and learn about the 2000 Olympic Summer Games in Sydney, Australia. This site already offers a wealth of information and interactive features ranging from panoramic views of Olympic venues and daily sports news to event schedules and a kids' guide to Olympic sports.
  2. - Contains the largest collection of jobs on the Internet, all gathered directly from employers' own Web sites. Rather than charge employers to post their listings, uses crawlers to find job listings at corporate sites all over the Web and then include them into its huge database.
  3. eZula - The first Web-based application that delivers comprehensive product information, services and a real-time community directly to shoppers at their point of interest, anywhere on the Web. A simple click on any product name anywhere on the Web activates eZula, instantly delivering three services: 1) professional information from partners, 2) product reviews by other users, and 3) a discussion area.
  4. - The largest high school alumni community on the Internet. With 6 million registered users, ClassMates.Com is setting the standard for finding and interacting with old friends online. Now has active message boards for more than 30,000 high schools.
  5. - A free downloadable software application that helps users create their own personal portal for the Web. Websplit organizes browser bookmarks into a grid of Internet pages viewed simultaneously on one screen.
  6. New Car Test Drive - The most comprehensive automotive test drive reviews available in the U.S., New Car Test Drive (NCTD) magazine is a guide with reviews of hundreds of vehicles for car buyers who want an unbiased objective look at today's new vehicles.
  7. Depression infoCenter - A free informational Web site for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. Provides current news and treatment information on both medical and behavioral aspects of depression.
  8. - A new state-of-the-art Internet store offering hundreds of high-quality, licensed museum-related items derived from many of the world's finest museums and collections.
  9. - The Hartz Mountain Corporation, a leader in the pet care industry for nearly 75 years, launched its Hartz(R) Flea Control Capsules(TM) and Hartz(R) Advanced Care(TM) Brand Flea and Tick Drops: a new line of products that brings flea and tick technology previously available in veterinary offices to stores nationwide at an affordable price.
  10. - A new service enabling teens to get what they want, sometimes for free, and even get paid for buying it. The Web's most versatile reward system. You get paid Funny Money to shop online, surf the Web, and even to check out free products. Use your Funny Money to buy gift certificates, cash out, or even spend it at any Web site that accepts MasterCard.
  11. - A news portal designed to allow people to interact directly with those in the news. Allows people to send an email to virtually any person or company involved in the hottest stories of the day, including: movie and TV stars, sports heroes, politicians, government officials, authors, media moguls, and CEOs.
  12. - The print-from-the-Web site, combines the immediacy of the Internet with the ability to create lasting images on cards, calendars, and certificates. In less than five minutes, a visitor can make and print one of these projects on a color inkjet printer.
  13. - First-mover in the online video game rental market, offers an unprecedented selection of Sony PlayStation(TM) and Sega Dreamcast(TM) games to the millions of gamers in the United States. The new game rental subscription service, called "G3 Unlimited," lets subscribers to the service rent any number of games for a low monthly fee of $19.95.
  14. American Kennel Club - The unique service on the AKC web site is quick access to 147 breeds and has a state by state search capability. To help in finding the right puppy, the AKC developed the search with national clubs of various breeds. The information provides an opportunity to locate and speak with breeders, club members and knowledgeable people in dog sports.
  15. - Eye Care Supersite offers the broadest selection of sunglasses and frames, contact lenses, prescription eyewear, reading glasses, specialty eyewear for sports and outdoor activities, and children's eyewear available online.
  16. - Online source for distinctive, high-quality gifts for babies in the birth-to-3 age range.
  17. - Here you'll find astrological wisdom that can provide informative and entertaining insights into every aspect of your life, including career, family and emotional well-being. Also, learn about astrological indications regarding the highly unpredictable financial markets, a forecasting service never before available on the World Wide Web.
  18. Whitehall - A leading national specialty retailer of fine jewelry with over 300 stores across the country. The e-commerce site will combine the convenience of shopping on-line with the advantage of having a national network of stores to support its customers.
  19. - An online natural health and beauty boutique dedicated to helping customers treat their bodies better. Products include natural and luxury soaps, high quality skin care lines, dietary supplements and herbal extracts.
  20. - An Internet application service provider (ASP) that provides web-based office suite software applications and online collaboration capabilities on a free, ad-supported basis to businesses, consumers, ISPs and major portals. Users are now able to access their own hard drives and directories from any computer, anywhere through the FreeDesk website.
  21. - Offers a collection of free downloadable software on the Internet. For a small monthly fee, club members get access to an extensive catalog of time-current, best selling consumer software titles and a catalog of high quality pre-licensed downloadable software at no cost.
  22. - The home of the first Internet-based boxing writers rankings poll. The company is creating a weekly boxing television news program and is developing an extensive Web-based platform for streaming live and recorded boxing events, films and programming.

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