New Sites on the Web from Week of May 6

  1. Cell Phone Facts - The Federal Communications Commission and the Food and Drug Administration have set up this Web site to provide information about cell phones and radio frequency technology. The Cell Phone Facts site lists safety standards and allows consumers to send comments or complaints to the agencies. The site also contains reviews of how cell phones work and provides answers to questions about their safety.
  2. - The website pledges to beat any other price on all air, car, hotel, and cruise reservations when customers see a "lowest price" icon on their screen. will either beat the price or refund the cost of the travel.
  3. Women's Vote Center - The Democratic National Committee (DNC) Women's Vote Center and Women's Leadership Forum new website allows the Democratic National Committee to communicate specifically with women nationwide.
  4. Harry Potter - Play a game offered at this Web site in order to win a chance to be in the Next Movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets(TM).
  5. - Provider of managed Web security services today launched SpamKiller, a managed service that helps PC users block unsolicited messages ("spam") from entering their email inboxes. SpamKiller helps stop spam email, tracks the mail back to the source ISP and sends complaints to the spammer's service provider, while automatically returning a false "bounced" email message to the spammer.
  6. Stephen Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library - Bringing together a disappearing language, 21st century technology and Hollywood philanthropy, the National Yiddish Book Center today launched the Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library on the World Wide Web. With lead gifts from Spielberg, Intel pioneer Max Palevsky and others, the $3.5 million project offers computer users on-demand reprints of more than 12,000 Yiddish titles, most of which have been out of print for fifty years or more.
  7. Heart Profilers - Web site brought to you by the American Heart Association, which matches each patient's medical information or profile with published clinical research studies. Treatment information is specific to each individual patient's condition. The program takes about 20 minutes to sign in, to create a personalized profile and to generate an initial report. Patients can receive side effect descriptions for particular drugs, understand how their treatment compares with others, and download questions that they should ask their physician.
  8. 8021.ll Hot Spots - The foremost directory for connection points or "Hot Spots" for users of Wi-Fi or 802.11-enabled devices that connect wirelessly to the Internet.
  9. Jockey Hoops - is promoting its athletic brand to younger consumers, ages 22-35, online with the Jockey Hoops game and Create Your Ultimate Experience Sweepstakes. Most famous for its Jockey(R) underwear, the company markets socks, activewear, sleepwear, baby apparel, linens and even fragrance in more than 120 countries around the world.

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