New Sites on the Web from Week of May 27

  1. Ryzom - New Web site featuring new and exclusive information about its upcoming online game: The Saga of Ryzom. You may sign up now for the Beta Test.
  2. Prime Plus/Red Hot Mamas - The site provides clear information for women and men to help them understand and manage the multiple health and lifestyle implications during the years before, during and after menopause.
  3. Speak With A Geek - Provider of around-the-clock computer technical support for consumers. Members pay a flat monthly fee and receive unlimited support for Windows, Linux, Mac and Palm operating systems and over 75 popular software programs, as well as most common hardware and peripherals. Members can call technical experts anytime, day or night, or submit their problems via e-mail.
  4. Soft2B - Introduction to BrowserCom, a revolutionary patent-pending technology that enables instant peer-to-peer collaboration between any two web pages using only a web browser and instant messenger service. In a BrowserCom browser-to-browser session, any actions executed on a peer browser are propagated to the other peers, including form input, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, Web Authoring, or simply following a link.
  5. The O'Mama Report - The O'Mama Report is one-stop shopping for families who want to find out more about organic products and organic agriculture. Site visitors can learn about the organic standards, provides useful information about organic foods and other organic household products, and serves as an on-line organic community where people can share ideas.
  6. BookBrowser - Barnes &'s BookBrowser allows customers to explore the world of books using a host of criteria -- subject, author, format, price range, award-winners, recommended books, bestsellers and more. BookBrowser also enables customers to select and combine categories that best match their interests and quickly arrive at a list of very specific and relevant books.

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