New Sites on the Web from Week of May 28, 2001

  1. NCADD - The National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) has established a "Youth Resource Center" to provide programs, statistics, a parent-teen discussion guide, "Safe Prom" tips and other pertinent information to assist parents and teens in confronting this health and safety concern.
  2. Jackalope Audio - A music portal for the music enthusiast. Jackalope Audio allows members to purchase CD's and videos, research their favorite artists, purchase concert tickets and music memorabilia, and chat with other members on its Jackalope Audio message board. The Web site also offers downloadable MP3s, the ability to register your own domain names, and buy, sell, and trade music related items.
  3. - The only free greeting Web site where members can win cash by sending greetNwin eCards and email. The more greetNwin eCards and emails sent or opened, the more chances a member has to win the greetNwin sweepstakes.
  4. - The official New York City Website has been redesigned and redefined. Anyone living, visiting or conducting business in New York City now has unprecedented online access to a wide range of public services, whether they want to file a permit application or learn about recreational services the City provides.
  5. Jazz Discovery - A jazz recommendation service from Barnes & Noble that allows customers to listen to jazz samples and learn about jazz styles and artists before they buy.
  6. - A nationwide grassroots effort whose mission is to organize and mobilize support around reforming the Alternative Minimum Tax laws, especially how it pertains to the exercising of Incentive Stock Options, and to obtain tax relief for those who are burdened with tax bills greater than the money they realized from their investments.
  7. - This site lets you know the lowest price of gas in your area. You can sort the gas price results by state, city, station, zip code, and grade of gasoline. And you can also sign up to become a volunteer spotter to help others on the road as well.
  8. - View the first ever, free, full-length feature film encoded in VP4 for the Internet. VP4 represents a major breakthrough in video compression technology by achieving full-screen, near-DVD quality at data rates as low as 450 kbps - a 10-15% reduction over any other compression technology available today. Watch the 84 minutes long Sleepaway Camp, the 1983 cult horror film.
  9. - A large collection of images of those posters bands used to promote their upcoming gigs. This site can store and archive thousands of posters in digital form.
  10. Grid Alarm - In anticipation of the worsening of California power crisis this summer and subsequent potential rolling blackouts, a free email alert service for electricity-dependent organizations and homeowners announced the deployment of its Grid Alarm network. The 24-hour, web-based service will allow organizations that rely on uninterruptible electrical power to be alerted via e-mail to their PCs, pagers, PDAs, or cell phones, of the possibility or implementation of rolling blackouts.
  11. StubHub - A Web site to give people a place to buy and sell tickets safely and easily, with no hassle and no stress for sporting events and music concerts. Visitors enter a secure area that allows them to transact in a discreet and easy-to-use format. StubHub makes all transactions seamless for buyers and sellers, acts as the financial intermediary and takes responsibility for the physical transfer of the tickets. StubHub monitors each transaction and leverages its relationships with leading technology partners FedEx, Wells Fargo and VeriSign to ensure the superior quality of the experience for the consumer.
  12. Siege Surfer - A web-based privacy service for individuals interested in searching and surfing the Internet anonymously. Designed for end-use consumers, SiegeSurfer enables individuals to use the Internet without the concern of having their online activities tracked and profiled by employers, ISP's and other online entities. A 5-day free trial is available.
  13. - Stocks over 50,000 hats and caps and ships most orders within 24 hours. The site also offers headwear for sale to organizations, businesses, conventions, etc. via the Business-To-Business section of its site. Custom embroidery is done in-house for orders of any size.
  14. EatDrinkDine - The comprehensive online guide provides users with food and wine pairing suggestions, teaches them about pairing principles, and offers an impressive amount of wine reference material. The system pairs 500 standard and ethnic dishes, from pepperoni pizza and tuna salad to more daring dishes like grilled escolar or salmon carpaccio, with over 30 grape varietals and categories of wine.
  15. Court TV - Court TV Online's website The Smoking Gun.Com debuts WMOB, "The Frank & Fritzy Show" featuring audio and text of never-before-heard conversations between Genovese crime family soldiers Frederico "Fritzy" Giovanelli and fellow capo Frank "Frankie California" Condo.
  16. - A provider of collectible stock and bond certificates and other old paper items. Provides research information on old stocks and companies through its affiliated company Research Old Stocks. Now that it will never print another stock certificate, one share of now-defect is selling at for $139.95 - a much better price than one could get for redeemable shares when tens of thousands traded each day on the Nasdaq.
  17. - Web site with a great shareware collection of software for users of Palm handhelds. PalmGear's database of shareware and freeware software is so complete that Palm Inc. uses it for its own co-branded software download area.

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