New Sites on the Web from Week of June 4, 2001

  1. 4WallFilms - The Internet home for information, entertainment and resources related to independent films. The website provides up-to-date indie film information, independent-theatre listings, and leading-edge entertainment content.
  2. Global Warming - Global average temperatures have warmed about one degree Fahrenheit since 1900. The ten warmest years on record have occurred since 1983, seven of them since 1990. On this map, fingerprints and harbingers of global warming are clickable markers, which open to full details on how global warming has affected that area.
  3. - An on-line auction site that offers cars and has an extensive selection of fine jewelry that has retail prices in the thousands of dollars. Winning bids for these items are normally in the hundreds of dollars, representing huge savings to the on-line bidders. If the final bid is $1, then the item sells for $1. authenticates its items and stands by each item with its own personal guarantee.
  4. A Space Library - The site offers a mixture of space-related images and programs, which will help you visualize the Solar System and NASA space missions using computer graphics.
  5. - Internet site dedicated to the registration and trading of Personal Domain Names (PDN). If preferred choices are gone, Pdom can help find an acceptable variation. Or you may be able to buy it on Pdom's listing site from a willing seller.
  6. - Provides searchable, printable, official rules and regulations for thousands of sports and games -- forums where enthusiasts can discuss rules content and interpretation -- and online shopping for games and sports, including hard-to-find items.
  7. VINELink - Provides an easy, online access to information about an offender, and makes it easy to register for notification about changes in an offender's custody status. Also provides information in the forms of articles and tips to help victims of crime, their friends and families, as well as victim advocate and law enforcement professionals. Allows people in need to stay apprised of an offender's whereabouts, and connects them with the local resources they need.
  8. - VRex, a leader in 3D stereoscopic imaging products, has released DepthCharge 2.0, a new enhanced version of the web-browser plug-in and viewer that makes it easy to view 3D stereoscopic images both online and offline. The new version includies the ability to view streaming video and compatibility on multiple Windows platforms including NT, Win 98, ME, and 2000. Also features smart stereo scrolling which automatically maintains a stereo picture as a viewer scrolls in a window. DepthCharge, a $29.95 value, is currently a free download at or
  9. - A soccer search engine, a video news service, a source for in-depth features and a stats provider all rolled into one. It contains information on 45 countries, over 80 leagues and over 1000 teams. Serves users the best soccer content on whatever area of the game they are interested in.
  10. - Provides busy Windows professionals with the most up-to-date news, information, resources, and pre-screened links to the best information and resources from across the Web--all focused entirely on Windows 2000.
  11. - A free online and offline resource center for special events and business entertaining professionals that was created to fill a real need: to find localized "nooks and crannies" information to help in producing effective events. An extensive database of the best event resources and has pages of industry gossip, personality profiles and coverage of all types of parties and events.
  12. - Catering to on-line shoppers in search of children's upscale apparel and holiday gifts. Features everything from custom-made boutique clothing to an upscale outlet center offering unusual bargains and even an Upscale Resale page where shoppers can post or purchase gently-used designer apparel.
  13. LiveWave - Sells and licenses remote controllable broadcast camera systems using its own proprietary technologies. LiveWave also engineers and operates the networks that carry live, uncompressed broadcast-quality signals, allowing distribution through any television or online format. LiveWave's patent-pending camera control gives clients and their audiences unprecedented interactivity with fluid pan, tilt and zoom of the network's cameras via the Internet, private networks, digital set-top boxes and PDAs.
  14. Alien Empire - A companion site to the PBS' "Nature" series, the site teaches about the strange world of bugs. It's a great site for kids, where they can solve puzzles, watch interesting videos, make an insect mask, and learn about the fascinating world of insects.
  15. - This site features more than 25,000 hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, campgrounds, and beaches that are pet-friendly. There's also information about emergency vets and pet sitters. You can even search by route to optimize your travel planning.
  16. - An Internet website where you can win free prizes and a chance to win one million dollars.
  17. Trailervision - An edgy web site which spoofs current movie trailers and creates previews for movies that "should exist".

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