New Sites on the Web from Week of June 11, 2001

  1. BEST (Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool) - A government site whose purpose is to help you make sure you're getting all the money from the federal government to which you're entitled.
  2. - An Internet site in online collector and specialty vehicle classifieds, currently having over 130,000 vehicles listed. Known for its extensive database that includes all makes and models of high-performance vehicles, sports cars, exotics, muscle cars, street rods, antiques, classics and more.
  3. - The first and only full-service online marketplace for transferring automobile leases. matches and enables transactions between lessees wanting to get out of their leases prior to the maturity date with consumers interested in taking over such leases, through a quick and easy process.
  4. Stanley Home Products - A direct selling company offering more than 220 cleaning and personal care products. Visitors can browse the on-line catalog and place their order on-line, or they can request a print catalog or a courtesy call from a Customer Representative in their area.
  5. - Provided by the National Wildlife Federation to get a great selection of information on wildlife and national parks in your state and region. The site is aimed at people who enjoy gardening, bird watching, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities; who like to travel to the national parks; or who are studying science at home or in the classroom. The online Field Guide is a searchable database for identifying more than 4,000 plant and animal species of North America.
  6. Android World - This site is devoted to androids. An android is an anthropomorphic robot - i.e. a robot that looks like a human. Find lots of information about androids and projects trying to make one-time science-fiction material.
  7. Arlington Park - Latest edition to the Churchill Downs network of racetrack Web sites. For the serious bettor, the site contains unique handicapping content in the "Bet the Races" section, including track maintenance reports updated daily, program analysis and Value Play selections by noted handicappers, up-to-the-minute changes, plus all the basic wagering information such as pre-race analysis, entries, results, real-time odds as well as video race replays and live audio call of the races.
  8. LIVE! ECLIPSE - A non-profit, volunteer organization whose members are amateur astronomers, professional astronomers and related workers. Beginning with the first ever live internet broadcast of a solar eclipse from multiple locations in March, 1997, the organization has broadcast 8 solar and lunar eclipses and meteor showers. The next eclipse is scheduled for June 21 and satellite lines will bring to you a webcast of the event from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.
  9. - A Web site that provides news, information and software downloads related to video compression technology, streaming media and other entertainment products. San Diego-based DivXNetworks is among a growing crop of start-ups offering new techniques for compression--which pushes DVD-quality video into small packages so it can be transmitted over slow connections--and other ways of producing faster and cheaper streaming media.

  10. ExtremeTech - Targets "hardcore technologists" -- the IT professionals and computer enthusiasts who are truly passionate about technology. The site focuses on the technologies that power products, providing this early adopter audience with technical detail that goes well beyond traditional tech coverage.
  11. - Provides comprehensive, authoritative coverage of the automotive, motorcycle, aviation and marine industries. The site extends the reach of the Speedvision Network through in-depth editorial analysis, interviews and standings, as well as streaming audio/video coverage of major events, including Formula 1 and NASCAR.
  12. Latest Sedition - An online newspaper of political humor and current events satire.
  13. Cancer Trials Help - The goal of the site is to double the number of participants in adult cancer clinical trials. The site was developed by the Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups, a leading national voice for cancer clinical trials. The site has subsections targeted at the needs of healthcare professionals, Coalition members, patient advocates and patients/families/caregivers.
  14. - The premiere online magazine for fathers. Features stories and info on topics that range from parenting, health, fitness, sex and travel to advice on divorce, custody and the life of single dads.
  15. Aerosmith - America's greatest rock'n roll band launches a new site which contains web content and select media from its 30 year archives as well as AerosmithWorld, a 3D environment which allows it's online users to adopt a virtual avatar to rub shoulders and chat with "virtual" members of the band and explore the visually rich 3D environments custom designed by the band and
  16. - Paramount Digital Entertainment has re-launched a re-designed, the official website of Paramount Domestic Television's ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. Now offers users even more entertainment news, with breaking headlines, weekly rankings of films and television shows, interactive polls and a bold home page whose style visually reflects the content of the show while viewers access the latest celebrity news, exclusive interviews, celebrity columns, star profiles and round-the-clock coverage through the "ET Newslink."
  17. - Provides practical advice on coping with and managing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), including diet and recipe suggestions, exercise and stress management tips, and general advice from recognized experts in the field of gastroenterology and nutrition.
  18. Inadon - Empowers consumers with a full range of knowledge and tools necessary to find success in the age of the Internet. The firm specializes in training business executives in effective e-business strategy, interactive marketing, and successful management of front-end design and back- end integration projects. The acronym Inadon conveys the first insight business executives generally recognize in their pursuit of an effective e-business model: "I-Need-A-Domain-Name".
  19. Ultimate Rollercoaster - The definitive online destination for information on roller coasters, theme parks, and thrill rides. This site is for those thrill seekers seeking info on the best coasters out there. There are roller coaster and thrill ride reviews and profiles, as well as forums and news headlines.
  20. Free - Offers fast, world-class quality instant translation. Uses complex technology that interprets the structure of sentences in the source language (the language you are translating from) and generates a translation based on the rules of the target language (the language you are translating to). Users can also request of the translation of ay enabled Web page.

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