New Sites on the Web from Week of June 12, 2000

  1. - An interactive, multimedia, movie destination dedicated to offering its visitors up-to-date feature film information including an extensive library of movie trailers, coverage of Hollywood premieres, past archives of Live EventCasts, and one-on-one celebrity interviews.
  2. - A comprehensive travel resource for college students. Offers an all-inclusive Web site where students can explore and research travel destinations all over the world, plan their own adventures, organize packages for themselves and/or a group of friends, and book online.
  3. - An online wedding destination. Combining comprehensive content and an active online community with wedding-related commerce, this site provides extensive resources to help couples plan their wedding and future lives together as a couple.
  4. - This site makes it easy for consumers and businesses to research, comparison shop and buy a broad range of vital connectivity services, including broadband Internet access, long distance and cellular telephone service, television programming and electricity. Helps consumers find the connectivity services that best meet their needs.
  5. - Consumers can locate a funeral home closest to their needs using geographic search tools, send condolences through sympathy cards and flowers, and shop for funeral products and services online.
  6. - A Web-to-Phone portal that allows Internet users anywhere in the world to make free long-distance phone calls to and within the United States and Canada. The service is now available free to anyone who completes a simple registration form.
  7. - A click-to-donate Web site that offers projects in both North and South America. Visitors raise funds by clicking on the "donate" button for each of the four projects. Projects preserve critical wilderness areas and wild life habitat from development, thus preserving these environments for the future generation. It costs nothing for site visitors to click-to-save 389 square feet of wild land per day
  8. - is for women who want to find information and strategies that will help them build their self-esteem and reclaim a sense of control and personal power. Women have the opportunity to read articles and information, chat and email with other woman and health professionals, as well as purchase products that will enhance the quality of their lives.
  9. The - The on-line entertainment network for guys 8-35, offering cutting edge entertainment based on the best-known entertainment properties in the world. The company develops brands for production and publication in film and television and on the Internet.
  10. Media Resource Center - Web site featuring important information about the mosquito-born virus called the West Nile Virus (encephalitis). Also features a source list of people to contact for West Nile Virus information, as well as breaking news about West Nile Virus and encephalitis public health concerns.
  11. - A home improvement destination on the Internet for do-it-yourself, buy-it-yourself and professional customers. Offers articles and advice from home improvement experts, 24/7 customer care and a wide range of hardware and tools.
  12. - The largest Internet resource in the highly-specialized area of pediatric dentistry.
  13. - The iRad-P (Internet Radio Player) is designed to provide digital music listeners the ability to organize and distribute their audio to different playing devices including a home computer, work computer, portable MP3 players and iRad-S (Internet Stereo) from one convenient location. Download the iRad-P software for free.
  14. Office Bob - Find, compare, and purchase new, refurbished and used office furniture by the piece or by "the floor".
  15. - Know somebody who's not feeling well or facing a serious illness? Pick the malady, the age, and how the infirm one is related to you, and the gift finder makes some excellent suggestions.
  16. - In the comfort of your own home, on-line, you can compare your hearing to that of a person with normal hearing. This site offers you the best on-line air conduction hearing test available today.
  17. - A new streaming media search service, based on a database of 2.5 million media clips. Each stream that is indexed into the streambase is sent through a multi-stage annotation process. This automated workflow makes it possible to frequently revisit sites and present end-users with up-to-the minute audio and video files such as recent news, sports highlights and live events.
  18. Artcyclopedia - A guide to where great art can be viewed online at art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
  19. Uncle Matty - This popular dog trainer says his mission in life is to help dog owners "get rid of the problems and not the dogs". Other features of the site include articles about anything and everything that may be important to dog owners from insurance options and breed information to news about new health treatments.
  20. Rxchange - A business-to-consumer Internet company that provides credible comparison information on prescription drugs. The first site to provide true comparisons of medications at equivalent dosages and average retail pricing.
  21. - Internet web site focused on eBusiness for the agriculture, farm equipment, livestock and horse industries.
  22. - Has the only software on the web that analyzes and interprets financial indicators and based on the results, recommends a daily, short and long-term course of action in clear and simple terms--Buy, Sell or Hold.
  23. - Download for free the Ace Animated Cartoon Email software that brings an end to the sending and receiving of boring email. Using Microsoft Text-to-Speech software, users can listen as their email comes alive with a cartoon character. Ace Animated Cartoon Email allows users to change pitch, speed, impressions and inflection with simple commands and can insert their own jokes into the database to email to friends.
  24. - SpaceRef focuses mainly on news about space related activities culled mostly from NASA and similar sources. Contains online guides for all Space Shuttle missions in 2000 and 2001. The SpaceRef Directory contains a collection of resources covering all human and robotic space missions - past, present, and future.

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