New Sites on the Web from Week of June 14

  1. - Diverse collection of high-quality databases and reference materials for tracing family history whether you are a professional genealogist or a hobbyist.
  2. Diamond Information Center - Interactive Web site that allows one an easy-to-use, step-by-step design process to help users create their own uniquely sparking diamond; helpful hints and buying information.
  3. - Provides real-time, online marketplace for the purchase and sale of discounted advertising space.
  4. - Fans of surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and snow boarding will enjoy this site.
  5. Studio Depot - Features over 5000 studio expendable supplies, including movie and tv memorabilia, lighting kits, globes, Jr. Crew Gear, grip and gadgets, hand tools, and hardware.
  6. - Web site for amateur sports enthusiasts and fans; enables users to track game scheduling, rosters, up-to-the minute individual and team standings, field locations, game-day weather reports, and team photos.
  7. Cybertown - A community of Colonies where you can build your own virutal home in 2D and 3D and interact in the community with others in virtual reality using avatars; you get your own private chat, message center, 3D VR home and ways to decorate it.
  8. Get Gooey - When you land on a Web site, you're not alone - Gooey, a new hybrid chat-Web service, shows you who else is there so that you can strike up a chat.
  9. - E-commerce jewelry web site; jewelry collections are crafted in 14 and 18 karat Gold or Sterling Silver; appraisal feature allows visitors to our site to venture a guess as to the actual selling price of a piece of jewelry and win that piece of jewelry if their guess is the closest to actual selling price.
  10. FaxMission - Free fax-to-email service for ISP's, telcos, and web portal companies; enables end users to receive fax messages to their email.
  11. Mission Foods - Largest manufacturer of tortillas; offers personalized solutions for meal planning and preparation; interesting recipes, cooking tips, and cooking-related content; create personalized recipe boxes; send favorite recipes to friends and family.
  12. girlzChannel - Features a blend of entertainment, games, online monitored chat areas, surveys, and real-life stories targeting a core audience of girls 8-12.
  13. boyzChannel - Features a blend of entertainment, games, online monitored chat areas, surveys, and real-life stories targeting a core audience of boys 8-12.
  14. ParentzChannel - Find information specific to raising girls and boys, helpful feedback on your parenting needs from a community of peers and experts, and interesting articles related to parenting.
  15. - Fax any document anywhere in the USA for free; compose online or upload an existing document; click on FAX it and your message is sent.
  16. - Provides one-stop shopping for all the Essential Services such as energy, Internet access, and telephone; one consolidated, online bill allows customers to review their usage; available in Massachusetts; plans to expand its geographic reach.
  17. - Enables kids, teens, and parents to manage money wisely; save, shop, create a wishlist and donate to charity from a secure online account with a parental permissions system to promote learning and safety.
  18. - Online shopping for kids and teens; tips and tools to teach kids how to manage their money or invest in the stock market; offers areas where children can choose to donate some of their money to nonprofit organizations.
  19. - Gives kids and teens the freedom to buy music, clothes, games, videos at primo online stores; use your own money to shop and spend online; no need for credit card - have parents open up an account.

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