New Sites on the Web from Week of July 8

  1. - Provides a tool to evaluate leasing options from a number of sources. Customers can actually lock in the lease quote they like and in a matter of minutes apply for credit via a secured server. They receive a leasing package detailing terms and vehicle delivery.
  2. Email Doctor - Arial Software founder and CEO Mike Adams, the inventor of the first personalized email merging software for the PC, provides feature articles, downloadable audio interviews with guests from the email marketing industry, free email marketing reports and a Q&A section for marketing professionals.
  3. Cybersuitors - A scientifically-based online dating service. Upon subscribing to the service, users complete a standardized questionnaire and their answers are compared to those of each of the site's registered users. In this way, an individual is given a 'Compatibility Quotient' (CQ) rating with each member, showing long-term compatibility between the two.
  4. AFL-CIO - Launched by the national union umbrella group, ALF-CIO, this Web site provides financial guidance to unemployed people, from how to extend health insurance benefits to filing for unemployment checks.
  5. eeBuildings - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) eeBuildings program helps commercial building owners, managers, and tenants around the world improve their energy efficiency, reducing pollution and saving money. A variety of online tools and resources are available to enable energy efficiency improvements.
  6. NewLeadsUSA - NewLeadsUSA(R) is comprised of three distinct proprietary databases for New Movers, New Homeowners and New Businesses. These databases will be continuously updated within days of the event and simultaneously sent via weekly emails to infoUSA's subscription customers. The new databases contain the freshest data available in the marketplace, with listings less than one month old.
  7. iGetNet (IGN) - Provider of the direct navigation keyword search system in the United States. iGetNet's proprietary technology called IGN Keyword(TM) allows people to use natural, everyday language to hunt for products and services throughout the world on the Internet. Just type what you're looking for into the Internet Explorer address bar and you're instantly whisked to the Web site of the company or person who owns the IGN Keyword.
  8. Eight Legged Freaks - The new comedy thriller about giant spiders run amok. The residents of a rural mining town are terrorized by chemically altered spiders that grow overnight to the size of SUVs and come looking for food.
  9. Luggage Express - Travelers can quickly receive quotes for luggage to be effortlessly picked-up and escorted to their final destination, avoiding the long lines and hassles at airports. The new "Travelers' One-Stop Site" not only allows travelers to make arrangements from the convenience of their own home or office, but also provides helpful information about a traveler's ultimate destination including weather, restaurants, places to see and much more.
  10. ReallyCheapLD - If you are paying more than 7 cents a minute, ReallyCheapLD claims that they can probably cut your bill in half---or more with no change in call quality or reliability. This is regular long distance --- no Internet telephony, no dial-around, no change from the way you dial long distance with your current plan.

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