New Sites on the Web from Week of July 10, 2000

  1. The Orange Project - A technology based company offering a ground-breaking 401(k) retirement plan rating resource that links financial advisers with retirement plan providers. The company gives financial advisers the data, tools and resources to search, compare and select 401(k) plans in a manner that improves the due diligence process for companies and their employees.
  2. The Orange Project - The site, which will officially launch in September 2000, will offer both a digital studio and entertainment network, with the goal of creating, producing, distributing and showcasing groundbreaking professional digital entertainment via the Web.
  3. Lymphoma Focus - The Lymphoma Research Foundation of America (LRFA), in collaboration with Healthology, Inc., have launched a streaming video webcast series focusing on treatment options for Indolent Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Also, the most accomplished members of the lymphoma medical community present their latest research and findings.
  4. Book Adventure - A free, reading incentive program dedicated to encouraging kids in grades K-8 to read. With the help of Rex Reader and Bailey Bookmark, kids have more than 4,000 of the most popular and acclaimed titles from which to choose.
  5. - Based on THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK Physician MasterFile, is the most complete and accurate database of practicing physician information available. Visitors can search for a physician using HMO or hospital affiliation in addition to searching by specific name, specialty, or location.
  6. What's For Free Technologies, Inc. - A technology-based corporation focused on offering marketing and branding services to their partners via -- the largest portal of free and promotional products and services on the Internet.
  7. iAskWebIntroduces the world's first suite of financial answering engines. iAsk financial engines offer a solution: question-and-answer access to expert knowledge on financial subjects. If a user poses a complex question that has not been anticipated by the system, it is referred to an accountant, tax lawyer or financial advisor who will e-mail an appropriate answer within twenty-four hours.
  8. - An online health superstore offering customers fast and easy access to more than 60,000 personal care items -- the largest shopping resource for health, beauty and wellness products and related information.
  9. Free T-Shirt Alert - A directory of free T-shirt offers found on the Internet. The directory consists of three categories: Totally Free Tees, T-shirt contests, and T-shirts that are rewarded with additional purchases.
  10. - O.J. Simpson will answer questions from the public beginning July 27 on a new Website called developed by Entertainment Network, Inc. in cooperation with Public Crossing, Inc. Entertainment Network will provide Mr. Simpson with a Website forum that he will use to answer questions from the public about events surrounding the death of his late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, in his own words, unfiltered, unedited and without spin by a host or commentator.
  11. - By registering you will have access to a community of the best in new music from the best emerging artists. Listen to and rate essential music from the best new artists. Email a friend about your favorite tracks. Accumulate points by enjoying the music experience. Bid your points in plaNETJAM auctions for cool rewards
  12. - Music lovers around the world will be able to obtain unlimited high-quality digital downloads of their favorite recordings from artists on for only $4.95 a month and will have exclusive access to certain live or previously unreleased tracks and live or archived Webcasts of concerts, music festivals and parties.
  13. - Provides visitors with the "Directory", a list of coffee shops, coffee houses and cybercafes around the globe. Offers the "Community", an e-meeting place where coffee drinkers can speak up and discuss topics of interest with other coffee drinkers; "News Central" where you can catch up on the latest world/sports/entertainment news; and the "Bean", a site where you can learn about various types of coffee.
  14. Alternative Entertainment Network Television - One of the largest on-demand streaming sites, it owns or has aggregated hundreds of hours of programming featuring such names as Sonny & Cher, the Smothers Brothers, the Academy Awards archive library and the Golden Years of Television. AENTV also has content alliances and licensing arrangements with companies such as Warner Bros. and Microsoft.
  15. - Provides online compensation information for individuals, business managers and human resource professionals. In addition, provides accurate, authoritative compensation data and content online, at no charge. Offers the most in-depth coverage of salary information over a comprehensive set of industries and thousands of job titles.
  16. - is a Webcam community integrating community tools like chat, personal Weblogs, Instant Messaging and themed lounges with individual Webcam streams from an eclectic mix of personal broadcasters from around the world. Membership is free and you don't need a Webcam to explore the site.
  17. - A content destination for 'everything entertainment', including movies, (theatrical and home video), music news and reviews, game announcements and more. also acts as the main gateway to the network of entertainment-based specialty eCommerce sites, including,, and
  18. - A multimedia communications company offering innovative Internet phone service. The Company's proprietary Internet-based software provides consumers with trusted, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art PC-to-Phone to and within the U.S. and free PC-to-PC calling anywhere in the world. The service also provides for free voice mail, video mail, video calling, teleconferencing and instant messaging.
  19. - creates exciting games that seamlessly embed advertising into the gaming experience. The result is improved brand communication and awareness for sponsors and a purely entertaining experience for consumers who have the chance to win life-changing prizes on each and every play.

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