New Sites on the Web from Week of July 16, 2001

  1. - Parents of school children now have new ways to boost their children's academic progress. offers parents of children from kindergarten to college on-line tools to help their children. The tools now online include the Kidtest Benchmarked Sequence (KBS), a proprietary series of achievement tests based on national standards, and practice state achievement tests including the New York Regents and Ohio Proficiency Tests.
  2. Cloud Forest Alive - The Cloud Forest Laboratory is being developed as an innovative online connection between scientists, students, and scientifically-minded visitors from around the world. This site will be a valuable tool allowing science classes anywhere to conduct real Cloud Forest experiments over the internet. Planned experiments include long-term insect counts, weather monitoring, and hummingbird interactions.
  3. - The Internet destination for Web site performance rankings and statistics. Designed to help improve the experience of Internet users and bring accountability to site operators, provides biweekly rankings and performance information on the Web's most highly trafficked sites in easy to read tables, charts and graphs.
  4. - Offers live private broadcasting services to funeral homes, religious organizations, and the public, nationwide. Geographical, financial, bad weather and physical limitations are among many reasons why people cannot attend funeral services. EulogyCast now brings family and friends from around the world together to experience funeral or memorialservices live via the Internet.
  5. BeyondGeo - Allows you to easily publish an interactive, database driven map directly within your website, in a matter of hours. BeyondGeo is a hosted solution that saves thousands of dollars over traditional map server solutions; there are no associated hardware, software or maintenance costs. Web visitors benefit because there are no plug-ins or special software downloads required to view the maps from a browser.
  6. Career Education Corporation - Earn a 100 percent online bachelor of information technology degree through AIU Online, the company's E-learning division. The breakthrough virtual campus brings the complete campus experience online--from the moment a student first expresses interest in our programs until after graduation when they are placed in a job in their chosen career field. AIU Online is open to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week--including 100 percent online enrollment and financial aid processes.
  7. - You can search for a song directly from the Web page. Audiogalaxy users install a special "satellite" program that acts as a communicator between the PC and the network. Because it's Web-driven, searching for music isn't much different than looking for information on other search engines.
  8. - A source for small solar products. The on-line company offers solar products such as radios, flashlights, education kits, lighting and other "nifty" stuff such as solar hats, mini cells and toys.
  9. - The 54-year-old musician has launched an Internet radio station for children, called Kick Out the Jammies. Offers an eclectic mix of music, befitting Bowie's own unpredictable career. The playlist is being selected by Bowie and members of his Internet Service Provider, BowieNet. The station's name is a homage to an album and song by pioneering Detroit punk band MC5, "Kick Out the Jams."
  10. KopyKat Creations - Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurants prepare their most popular dishes? Have you ever wondered how you can make them in the comfort of your own kitchen? CopyKat Recipes reveals the secrets of giants like Boston Market, Olive Garden and Bennigan's! You can select a recipe by type of dish, or alphabetically.

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