New Sites on the Web from Week of July 17, 2000

  1. PhotoFun - Users can upload images from digital cameras (or those digitized by their film processor) and create online photo albums they can share with friends. Other tools include online "scrapbooks" for commemorating special occasions, photo-enhanced online invitations, postcards, screen savers, "slide shows," and personal Web sites.
  2. George W. Bush - Texas Governor George W. Bush unveils a newly revised campaign website. It will allow users to download event-specific posters or placards for campaign events, listen to live Internet "radio shows" and enter "fun and humorous" contests.
  3. - A worldwide, searchable database of true stories, unpublished novels, screenplays, journalistic articles, videos, published novels, short stories, poetry, film, and stage plays. Ordinary people, as well as professional writers, can submit stories to a secure Story Vault(TM). The stories are categorized by various parameters and searchable by registered buyers.
  4. - Enables free calls to anyone in the world, with breakthrough sound quality. Offers PC to PC users such features as, one-to-one live voice chat with video conferencing; group live voice for up to 100 users at a time; voice mail to anyone with an e-mail address and point-to-point text.
  5. Digital Dog - Provides the public with honest observations about each dog breed's temperament and the possible physical or behavioral flaws found in every dog breed. Use our site to help evaluate which dog is best for you.
  6. - A Web-based service for the delivery of time and event-triggered information via a range of devices: the telephone, cell phone, pager, email, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and other Internet devices. Mr. Wakeup gets you out of bed in the morning. He'll even announce news, weather, or horoscopes. Try the demo and register for free.
  7. - Lets consumers purchase movie tickets online for movie screens throughout the United States and Canada (beginning Sept. 1 in Canada)
  8. clickTV - Find your favorite TV shows in large and complex broadcast, cable and satellite program lineups. Fans of TV soaps, movies, sports and other types of programs can customize their own TV viewing guide, specifying program names, types of programs, actors, directors, parental ratings or key words. The web site generates a reminder list so viewers won't miss the shows they select from a running 14-day lineup.
  9. Zoggle - A teen-oriented site created to empower teens with financial freedom and an open forum for their opinions. Gives teens the opportunity to sign up for the ZOGGLE Card, a MasterCard enabled, stored-value transaction card for use in stores and over the Internet. Allows teens the ability to evaluate and rate movies, TV shows and the latest music-all in an interactive environment.
  10. - The challenges are obvious: ten people, a handful of rooms, the complete absence of privacy. How will they get along -- with each other, within the confines of the house, under the constant watchful eye of Big Brother? The Web broadcast of CBS/Endemol's 'Big Brother' is not scripted, but is a result of the participants reactions to their environment and interactions with each other on a day-to-day basis. You get to see a real-life soap opera unfolding.
  11. ABA 2000 - The site was created to begin promoting the newly formed American Basketball Association 2000 league. Ticket information, employment opportunities and information about the teams and the league are all available on the site.
  12. Mary's Corner - A boutique-style specialty-shopping site, that provides shoppers with unique and unusual products. Fabulous gifts, time-saving gadgets, lotions and potions to energize and soothe, and imaginative toys. Also brings you special features, interviews with interesting people, tips and much more.
  13. FreeWebTel - Provides its domestic and international customers with unique Phone-to-PC voice capability in conjunction with PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC functionality, with distinguishably high-quality sound, and it will do so at no cost to the customer. With the simple click of a button, FreeWebTel customers will be able to place and receive phone calls to and from anywhere in the United States and Canada using a standard PC or a phone, thus saving substantially on long-distance calling charges.
  14. Click2Advice - An online community devoted to relationships and personal growth with self-help topics and resources. Built on a membership structure that offers informative articles, interactive discussions, and a variety of self-improvement products. Provides you with sound advice from qualified individuals. You can chat directly with features guests specializing in a variety of subjects.

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