New Sites on the Web from Week of July 29

  1. Fujifilm - The new Giant Pandas' Web site, which is part of Fujifilm's effort to promote greater awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and protecting endangered species. Fujifilm is supporting the construction of the Zoo's new Fujifilm Giant Panda Conservation Habitat. In addition, Fujifilm and FONZ are developing a broad education program that will promote the importance of environmental preservation and endangered species conservation.
  2. - Website to provide a destination for fans who love the Emmy Award-winning line that has become a staple of televised football. The website will offer fans contests, trivia, history, journalist and fan opinions, how the line works and even merchandise.
  3. - A destination on the Internet for information on multiple sclerosis (MS). The site offers simple, customizable content from the most comprehensive cache of information about the disease available on the Internet.

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