New Sites on the Web from Week of July 31, 2000

  1. Hey Potato! - A directory of links to cartoons and animations publically available on the web. All of the cartoons listed are organized alphabetically, reviewed and commented on, and previewed with an actual screen-shot from the feature.
  2. Learn Spanish - This Web site will teach you to Habla Espanol for free. Work at your own pace through 75 clearly written tutorials. You can also practice vocabulary words. Perfect your pronunciation by listening to audio lessons and attempting to repeat them.
  3. - Experience the Virtual Mirror, a product meant to mimic the in-store experience of trying on cosmetics, hair colors, and fashion accessories. The interactive interface will let consumers apply products to their uploaded images, save the results, and share the looks with friends online.
  4. EyeWonder - Develops instant streaming technologies for the Internet and wireless devices without the need for media players. The company enables advertising, e-commerce, ISP, education and content Web sites to provide a high-quality video and audio experience to 90 percent of today's Internet audience. The company's Java-based compression technology delivers video and audio in the form of an applet sent directly to the browser that plays automatically, with no extra initiation required by the user.
  5. - A new concept in online games. Instead of playing against a computer, you play real people, one move at a time. You can spread your games out over days, weeks, or months. Games currently offered are Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Battleship, Stack4 (our variation of Connect4), Reversi, Pente, Go-Moku, and variations on those games.
  6. - Retailer of home improvement products and services on the Internet, catering to do-it-yourself, buy-it-yourself and professional customers. The site offers proprietary content including How-To articles and Buyer's Guides as well as free 24-7 real-time advice from home improvement experts. A new online resource for do-it-yourselfers -- the new BrandCenters feature allows visitors to shop for products by brand.
  7. - Accepts the product from the consumer, uses technology to determine the product's condition and then resells it through various channels. Consumers benefit with faster processing of credits, refunds and exchanges. ReturnBuy offers retailers the first effective, complete and scaleable solution for capturing the maximum value from the reality of returns.
  8. Stephen King - Episodes of King's e-serial The Plant, an epistolary novel set in the early 1980's, are available for download for a dollar an episode. You may also download the entire Stephen King Bibliography.
  9. Scorecard - Thinking about moving to a new area and wondering abot its environmental quality? Scorecard lets you compare different areas of the country. All you need to do is provide the zipcodes you are interested in. Explore interactive maps that track various pollution sources, and see how your city compares to the rest of the nation.
  10. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - Contains artifacts and memorabilia that can be viewed directly from this Web site. The inductees of the year 2000 include some of rock’s most legendary performers, along with a new category to honor rock’s innovative and influential sidemen.
  11. - Provides free online exercise videos and the email guidance of a Certified Trainer and Registered Dietician. Meet Sven," the virtual trainer, who responds to emailed questions in a very human voice -- complete with facial expressions! Sven is an online personal trainer and fitness expert who promises to give AllOutTraining users straight answers about exercise and fitness routines -- and maybe a few chuckles, too.
  12. Pottery Barn - A national specialty retailer of casual home furnishings, decorative accessories, high quality kitchenware and other products for the home. Visitors can take an in-depth home tour that highlights some of the favorite product and design ideas for the season.
  13. UFO Magazine - Monthly publication devoted to news, features, human interest stories, and commentary on unidentified flying objects, human encounters with strange and paranormal anomalies, and reported alien abductions.
  14. SheNetworks - An online site for women in their 20s. A unique Internet hybrid, SheNetworks - part magazine, part networked community and part personalized tools - consists of 12 branded Internet community sites that serve the needs of the twenty-something generation from SheBytes, SheFit, SheMoney to SheTravels, SheViews, and SheWears.
  15. - is an intermedia approach, which includes a magazine, radio show, television show, wireless applications, retail merchandise and special events for young girls and teens. Britney Spears is a major shareholder in the company and will also have a hands-on participatory role in each media platform helping to shape content.
  16. - A comprehensive entertainment and information portal that features exclusive crime footage, crime-related news, localized crime statistics, tools to assist community-based crime-fighting organizations, links to victims' assistance resources, chats with prominent crime experts, and criminal background checks. View the jailhouse web cam that monitors activities at Maricopa County's Madison Street Jail, a maximum security facility in Phoenix which houses over 1,500 inmates.
  17. - Stickyflicks creates and syndicates original animated content for the Web. The animations run the gamut of genres, from goofy cartoons to crazy games to some upcoming exciting and occasionally sexy action-adventures.
  18. WinDough - A sweepstakes site where you can win $500,000 in cash or one of over 3000 other prizes. Works automatically, while you work or surf the web!
  19. Zoom Culture - A global media company focusing on the creation, distribution, syndication and marketing of digital video programming.

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