New Sites on the Web from Week of August 6, 2001

New Sites on the Web from Week of August 6

  1. Pong-Story - The most important invention in the rise of the personal computer was not the transistor, but Pong. Without Pong and its offspring, PCs would still be serious things for serious people, not a staple of modern life. The site is a wonderful tribute to a vital part of PC history.
  2. The Skyscraper Museum - A private, not-for-profit, educational corporation devoted to the study of high-rise building, past, present, and future. Located in New York City, the museum celebrates the city's rich architectural heritage and examines the historical forces and individuals that have shaped its successive skylines.
  3. Zeros & Ones - This new site is a concentration of expert talent, proprietary technology, and intellectual property focused on the powerful world-expanding opportunities of digital convergence. They operate and own businesses that serve the high-technology and entertainment industries because of a core belief that the future for each market lies in the combination of the two.
  4. Hedgehog Books - This online bookstore is a great place to shop for children's literature. A staff of professional educators has prepared reading lists and reviews of the best in kids' books, all of which are available for purchase on the site.
  5. Network Gaming - The developer of the "Fun Zone" a Free Internet game site offering bingo and other multi-player games that are played on the Internet. Blondie comic characters are now appearing in the Company's Internet game site.
  6. MAKESTICKERS.COM - Visitors can interactively design and order their own custom bumper stickers online. Users choose a starting template from the hundreds available, then customize it with their own words, fonts and colors. After seeing an instant preview of their sticker, they can go back to make changes, or proceed to order stickers printed from their design.
  7. Octane Games - Allows brand managers to test Octobi's increasing game portfolio and view cutting edge illustration and animation for promotional tie-ins. Called "advergaming", Octobi has attracted the likes of Jack Daniels, Footaction USA, i2 Technologies, Reebok, NokiaUSA and Pepsi.
  8. Neuberger Berman - Brings one-to-one customized Internet marketing to investors and financial advisors. Their objective is to help clients build wealth, produce income and preserve capital. Founded in 1939, the company now manages over $58 billion in assets.
  9. - Web site informing and entertaining potential visitors to Pennsylvania by promoting action sports locations throughout the state.
  10. - An online destination for the nation's hairdressers and spa professionals. The site is packed with tips, tricks and techniques; Web chats with the biggest names in the beauty business; Webcasts of professionals awards shows; job listings; and video games that let stylists create "before" and "after" pictures that would horrify most of their clients.
  11. Memory Bank Foundation - The brainchild of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, and friend Jim Spencer, the Web site is a charitable foundation dedicated to the preservation of biographical information for future generations. People may input their life stories in video, audio or written format, for a tax-deductible contribution. The Foundation is a resource, not just for historical and genealogical aspects, but also for the views and life lessons of those who have struggled with the same life issues as the present generation.
  12. BecomingHuman - An interactive documentary experience that tells the story of our origins. Journey through four million years of human evolution with your guide, Donald Johanson.
  13. CinemaNow - An online video-on-demand service offering film fans the ability to change streaming speeds while a film is playing, along with full-screen viewing and full VCR functions. Uses the Windows Media Player as a bookmarking function, dubbed CinemaLater, which enables movie fans to pause a film and resume watching whenever they return to the site or film.
  14. MRM Fulfillment - A web site that allows customers and investors to learn about the company's services and solutions. The company provides order management, logistics, fulfillment services solutions.
  15. FaMilyName.FM - New web site allows you to register a FaMilyName web address under the .FM extension. Start an online FaMily Tree, a web FaMily photo album, post FaMily announcements, or start an online FaMily message board and/or e-mail center.
  16. Bharat Rakshak - Contains information about India's national defense that their government does not publicly offer. Information is made available by a group of non-resident Indians.
  17. - Web-based information services from Dow Jones and Reuters will be combined into a single product known as Helps companies gain awareness of their external business environment to improve business decision-making. Factiva increases the productivity of the entire workforce by providing fast, precise access to reliable information.
  18. - Aimed at Web surfing teenagers, provides online TV shows, advice and a place to hang out and chat about the problems and passions of everyday teen life.

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