New Sites on the Web from Week of August 7, 2000

  1. - Includes product summaries for all Krazy Glue(R) varieties; tips for using Krazy Glue(R); and a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the product. The latest is NEW ADVANCED FORMULA Instant Krazy Glue(R) -- the first "shock-resistant" instant glue in the consumer market. Advanced Formula Instant Krazy Glue(R) can resist twists, turns and even hits.
  2. - The site is an online resource for auto enthusiasts, assisting car and truck owners in customizing their vehicles according to their lifestyles and personal preferences. Auto enthusiasts can share information and tips with each other, socialize, and host their own personal car and truck-related web pages.
  3. - Contains the widest array of free, almost free, buy one get one free, pay for shipping and handling only, and free after rebate offers on the web. Its research team routinely uncovers hundreds, if not thousands, of new free offers every month and then orders each product to ensure quality and privacy issues. Get everything from a GPS system for your car, blue jeans, phone cards, make-up, food, and household appliances -- free.
  4. The Greenfield Village Time Machine - Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village's newest website sends kids on a journey through time with the click of a mouse. Designed for kids ages 8-14, and offers a unique look at Greenfield Village, while introducing various achievements in history. Children can travel through time and take virtual reality tours through some of their favorite buildings at the historic village.
  5. NeoFlora - The world's largest gardening database, which contains highly detailed information on over 38,000 plants. Gardening enthusiasts can search NeoFlora for plant information using 20 categories, view multiple plant pictures, and contribute information to enlarge the depth and usefulness of the database.
  6. - Lovers of the West can find themselves in the midst of a virtual community that delivers a slice of Americana in the spirit of the Old West. Visit a GoCowboy Mall with everything from apparel to home furnishings, fast-talking auctions, places to wine, dance and dine, and Western-themed vacations like dude ranches and whitewater rafting.
  7. - Online store for women's workout wear allows women of all shapes and sizes to shop by Body Type Solutions. Customers can visit eight virtual boutiques full of athletic apparel handpicked for specific body types.
  8. - A full-service online resource that serves as a single source of education, information and e-commerce for the ophthalmic community.
  9. Access Internet Magazine - The site builds on the stories and reviews in each week's issue of the magazine with more original content including additional site reviews, web tips, and interactive Q&A; Internet news updated continuously throughout the day; and "In Focus" a daily special report that analyzes and explains the impact on the average Web user of industry news and trends.
  10. - QCircuit is registering people from around the world who have something to offer -- their areas of expertise, their life experiences or their skill-sets. These QSources are then categorized by topic, venue and potential audience and kept securely in the QCircuit database. The profiles are then made available to visitors who will be able to locate sources of information to meet their needs.
  11. - Internet destination for the best in home design. Helps consumers imagine and create their dream homes. Offers consumers the world's largest database of the best home design products, online portfolios for saving and organizing favorites, and information about where to buy these products in stores or online.
  12. - Nurses now have the opportunity to access the latest clinical and lifestyle news, get relationship advice and search for nursing jobs online. Find the largest collection of articles categorized by nursing specialty.
  13. The Open Diary - The first interactive diary community on the Internet. Read about the lives of thousands of people from around the world - currently home to 121,162 online diaries from 76 different countries.
  14. - Browse the catalog of top-rated, current, commercial software titles. Includes only the best of the thousands of available, fully-licensed software titles for Windows and Macintosh. The company's distribution model is based on large numbers of customers driving down prices for selected, popular software titles. Club members are charged a small monthly fee. Members receive one title per month free with membership, and deep discounts on additional titles.
  15. UtopiAd - A global community of Internet users whose members receive advertisements specifically targeted to their interests. Members also benefit from coupons, discounts, cash and a wide selection of programs that provide them value for their attention and online activities. Members simply log on to the site and product offerings that match their interests will automatically be shown.
  16. - A collectibles resource and website for the collectors' community. The site currently offers auction, retail sales, advertising, games with prizes, a glossary for the hard-to-grasp collecting-related terminology, and information about collectible events.
  17. - Enables consumer-to-consumer online swapping of music, movies and games. Allows consumers to swap their unused goods with others for only the cost of shipping and handling. There is no auctioning, bidding or negotiating between swappers.

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