New Sites on the Web from Week of August 9

  1. - Entertainment Web site that is first in announcing the 1999-2000 television season. The Fall Preview Area offers an extensive roundup of new shows, movies and miniseries, hot new faces, and premiere dates; provides the Net's most robust package of television news and ratings.
  2. - Online college bookstore; offers students nationwide the quickest and easiest method to locate and purchase their required reading.
  3. Just For Feet - A selection of more than 4,500 styles of shoes -- including shoes for baseball, basketball, cross training, golf, hiking and running; also offers a selection of t-shirts, shorts, warm-up suits and caps.
  4. Natural Medicine Online - Features the Natural Medicine Journal which is an interactive physician's guide to clinical research.
  5. CometZone - A site that provides homesteaders with free tools to transform the arrow cursor on their Websites into any custom image found in the CometZone content library.
  6. Dish This - Find a mix of topics or issues relating to celebrities, gossip, advice, fashion, movies, and music; submit your own movie and music reviews; send e-cards; young viewers can get a daily connection to the issues and the people who interest them and a place to communicate.
  7. - Independent comparison shopping service that instantly searches over 480 online store, auction, and classified Web sites to find the best deals available.
  8. - Online car financing site; provides information and advice throughout the car buying process; receive both e-mail and a phone call about your loan approval.
  9. Website Audio Productions - Aids Webmasters with adding professionally produced streaming audio content to their Web site using GEO's Emblaze technology.
  10. Tupperware - One of the world's leading direct selling companies now is online offering premium food storage containers, serving products, microwave cookware and children's toys.
  11. - Surf Monkey is the trusted, friendly, cyberspace guide and companion that safely helps kids meet, learn, play, shop, and explore online.
  12. - A Personal Finance Advisor Web site; categories to browse through are personal finance basics, love or money, banking and financing, smart investing, saving for the future, and your money online.
  13. - Provides a convenient way for customers to shop for quality shoes online 24 hours a day; offers hundreds of styles, including an extensive selection of footwear in large sizes and wide widths.
  14. - Web site where you can try out new electronic products such as cellular telephones to microwaves and VCRs that look and work just like the real thing; uses interactive computer simulations for demonstration purposes.
  15. - An Internet Auction site that offers a service that lets buyers post items they are looking for rather than comb through long lists of goods for sale.
  16. - A different cake recipe for every day of the year; view the top ten cake recipes; visit the Recipe Exchange section.
  17. - Specializes in nationwide frozen home delivery of "signature" restaurant dishes; all products are delivered frozen anywhere in the U.S.
  18. - Online destination for researching, buying or updating game products, or simply keeping abreast of the quickly-changing gaming industry brought to you by Babbages, Etc.; buy, exchange or return software items to any Babbage's or Software, Etc. store.
  19. - One-stop travel gateway for business travelers; search multiple airline Web sites simultaneously for the best fares; track your frequent travel reward programs; create your personal trip itinerary.
  20. - Explore the Business directories or use the search engine to search for a business; business directories contain key company information, detailed product/service descriptions, and URL's.
  21. - A safe and effective way for people to find people in their own community who share their living styles, interests, and values; fill out a profile about yourself and then indicate type of relationship you are looking for.
  22. AnyList - Use AnyList to create and publish a list where others can quickly submit or exchange ideas and information; users can select a list to use for work, for play, or for life and then post it to the Web.
  23. She's Got - Covers an assortment of pertinent topics, such as prenatal concerns, childcare, and child health issues; personalized shopping boutique containing designer maternity wear to childcare items.
  24. Sentry - Manufacturer of fire-resistant and security safes; resource for family safety information including Y2K planning material.
  25. - A home products and services site that brings together a full spectrum of merchandise; browse by item or by room for bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, foyer, and home office furniture and accessories.
  26. - Features a service called iRetrieve that is designed to provide physicians with secure access to digitized patient charts over the Internet.

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