New Sites on the Web from Week of August 13, 2001

  • - Award-winning teams of photographers and writers capture on-site, vivid images to immediately share with those who crave live connections with wilderness expeditions and outdoor adventure. Committed to environmental awareness and education, ecotourism, and determination to preserve threatened ecosystems, One World Journeys creates a new world of web documentary by merging the best of nature with leading edge technology.
  • Stampville - The site is a global Stamp Portal supplying stamps, stamp art and stamp information to the global stamp collecting community. The site provides images and information on stamps from around the world, endless information on stamp collecting, and even Topical-based mini-sites on a wide variety of subjects.
  • - A free web resource designed for use by journalists and other research professions that contains detailed information about more than 1,500 commercial aviation accidents since 1970. That includes virtually every aviation accident with more than ten fatalities, spanning three decades.
  • Bad Fads Museum - This site was created to take a fun and nostalgic look at fashions, collectibles, activities and events which are cherished by some and ridiculed by others. Relive the best and the worst fads of the 20th century.
  • - Allows users to design their own unique bumper stickers online. Users can buy their messages as printed bumper stickers, post them to the site and e-mail E-Stickers to friends for free.
  • - Comprehensive, single-source educational resource on the Internet for AP (Advanced Placement) teachers and students. The site provides high school students thousands of pages of comprehensive AP content on all core subjects as well as interactive testing and preparation for standardized tests such as the SAT. The site provides detailed, nationwide testing results, enabling students and teachers to compare their results to AP students throughout the country.
  • 2001 US Open - Tennis fans who log on to the site will have a virtual seat at the tournament. They can follow every match, every athlete and every point from anywhere in the world at any time. Other highlights include the popular SlamCam and NetCam features, Real-Time Scoreboards, and an enhanced online store. The site also will offer live audio feeds of the action from Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium and the Grandstand, as well as player interviews from the post-game press conferences.
  • Road Warrior International Survival Guide - The Website and Handbook take the guesswork out of business travel, and give mobile professionals, who may be traveling in the most remote places in the world, access to a vast database of destination and travel-related information. Travel tools include communications and connection information, mobile solutions and products, currency converter, useful maps and background information.
  • Dating Game Online - An entertaining multiplayer online game based on catchy pick-up lines, flirting and risque chat allowing players to find cyber mates, potential dating partners and online friends while participating in an engaging interactive game.
  • Oncology Care International - A new website that offers cancer patients and their loved ones access to board-certified doctors specializing in the treatment of cancer. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the first-of-its-kind website offers direct access to board-certified physicians dedicated to helping cancer patients learn more about their specific type of cancer and their treatment options.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD Release - Fans of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Disney's first full-length animated film, can get a sneak preview of its Oct. 9, 2001, DVD release. The site offers a glimpse of the amazing immersive DVD by allowing visitors to explore the world of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" via an elaborate kingdom that mirrors the actual DVD experience.
  • Weakest Link - A fast-paced, hit game show from Britain in which a group of contestants are tested on general knowledge. Web site being developed to expand the Weakest Link fan base by bringing even more home viewers into the rapid-fire action in real-time sync with host Anne Robinson's on-air challenges. Viewers will join in the game play exactly when it happens on TV.
  • Arkansas Forestry Commission (AFC) - The AFC grows and sells forest tree seedlings for reforestation. The AFC is planning on growing 15 million pine seedlings and 5 million hardwood seedlings for the 2001/2002 planting season. Order seedling online. The minimum order for Pine is 500 seedlings; for hardwood the minimum order is 100.
  • National Consumer Coalition's Privacy Group - Web site that teaches consumers how to protect their privacy rights and informs the public about the policy debate over privacy legislation.
  • - Web site for quality pet supplies that is available to both online and offline shoppers through its consumer website, and through their full color catalog. distributes over 250,000 full color catalogs and newsletters yearly to dog, cat, ferret, and small animal owners.
  • YouZoom Insurance Services - Offers consumers the ability to comparatively rate term-life insurance coverage online. With the launch of this new product line, YouZoom's product offering now includes auto, home and life insurance, the three personal insurance products that consumers are most interested in purchasing over the Internet.

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