New Sites on the Web from Week of August 28, 2000

  1. Aimster - The first Napster-like file sharing Internet application that is integrated with AOL Instant Messaging. Users can search and share files within circles of online friends. Support for ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and MSN is expected by October 1.
  2. - A new service (called NewsWireWatch) was created to help combat the repercussions of misinformation on the Web. Acting as an Internet "watchdog" for companies, NewsWireWatch monitors major wire services hourly -- 24 hours a day -- and provides an instant notification to companies within minutes of the news appearing online.
  3. XBurn - Offers free, customized CDs for the asking, made possible by advertisers. Consumers send XBurn the URL of any Internet file they want copied and XBurn creates a CD-ROM of that file and sends it to the customer by mail.
  4. eBiznotes - Provides all the tools for a company that wants to generate customized flash presentations -- the greeting card -- and provides the infrastructure for sending out notifications, generating the custom card, and tracking its use and the way in which a message gets passed along to others.
  5. - Provider of web design content, tools and services for building, enhancing and promoting interactive web sites. Online partners use's content and tools to enhance their web sites with value-added offerings to their users.'s comprehensive procedural based tutorials lead users, step-by-step, through the entire process of building, enhancing and promoting web sites.
  6. - A site for web developers where they will find tips, articles and resources to develop great web sites using the basics like HTML and technology and tools like Active-X, Active Server Pages (ASP), Cgi, Java and JavaScript, Structured Query Language (SQL) and eXtended Markup Language (XML).
  7. ClickRadio - Lets listeners customize the music they hear by clicking Thumbs Up (I want to hear this song more often), Thumbs Down (I'd like to hear this song less) or Skip (I'm not in the mood). Offers music fans superior sound quality. Listeners don't hear streamed music with all of its flaws. Instead, ClickRadio's interactive radio service is securely accessed from the listener's hard drive, providing near CD-quality fidelity.
  8. MusicUWant - Universal Music Group has launched its initial series of broadband programs that feature original music-oriented pilots, becoming the first major music company to offer music fans a slate of premium music programming designed exclusively for high-speed connections.
  9. - Comprehensive portal for the hip-hop generation, is an extensive network of innovative, entertaining and informative web sites designed to excite, empower and unite a global community of members. The site features music, style, daily news, sports, politics, culture, shopping, and other original content.
  10. - An online entertainment network. Voted Best Kids Site by NetGuide and awarded the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, features weekly animated and live action series, games, and movies, all based on the growing stable of Rumpus' award-winning characters.
  11. - Features approximately 100,000 unique new home plans, representing about one million available new homes, in more than 18,700 communities nationwide.
  12. BuzzStream - A new party invitation and event promotion community specifically for college students. The service allows students to join and create and manage invitations for their own private parties. They can also receive invitations from other members promoting parties both on and off-campus and from other schools.
  13. - An integrated media marketing company which sells the latest in quality goods, including unique, hard-to-find, newly launched and nationally branded items through an e-commerce site, television shows it produces, a retail store, and national magazines advertisements. Produces television programs to educate viewers on breakthroughs, emerging trends, innovations, and lifestyles.
  14. Game House - One of the best places on the web to play your favorite games absolutely FREE! Allows players to register to track points, enter contests and show high scores, and a new Chat server, allowing players to interact with other registered users while playing at GameHouse. Recent additions to the GameHouse game library include Concentration, Solitaire, Winning Shot Soccer, Ant! and Knock `Em Out.
  15. Indocs - Provides the first platform that allows users to edit documents in a web browser. Utilizing Java technology, the user may alter the document if granted access permissions. The Indocs system code-named "FinalWord," is targeted at corporate marketing staff, designers and publishers who need to manage, edit, review, and approve visual design and content in a global environment.
  16. - A one-stop resource for finding technical information regarding Microsoft supported technology. Dedicated to providing technical articles, product reviews and tools for developers using the Microsoft platform and Microsoft supported technologies.
  17. CyberU - Comprehensive source of online education and corporate training to corporations, small businesses and individuals having compiled thousands of educational resources and over 17,000 online courses offered through accredited universities and top training providers.
  18. Art Vault - Offers auction and fixed pricing options for the sale of art and provides educational content to a worldwide audience. Gives visitors the opportunity to join virtual tours of its partner galleries that are located across the continent.
  19. FrogMagic - Provides the convenience of sending gifts to people you already know but for whom you may not have shipping information. Individuals simply log onto the site, select a gift, enter the e-mail address or chat name of the recipient and provide a valid credit card number to purchase the gift. FrogMagic then alerts the recipient by email or the gift-giver can personally contact the recipient via email or a chat program.

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