New Sites on the Web from Week of September 9

  1. Destiny Media Technologies - Develops technology for digital media distribution in either a streaming or downloadable form. Their Clipstream TV enables web users to watch live television broadcasts inside a standard web page. Users need not install any third party player software to watch the television broadcasts.

  2. Mayo Clinic - For those who have experienced a tragic event in their lives, the anniversary of that event may trigger pain, anger and sadness all over again. offers advice on how to tell the difference between an anniversary reaction and depression. It also explains who is most susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder and what to do about it.
  3. - has added more than 5 million criminal records from three states and several Texas and Oklahoma metro areas to its databases, bringing its total coverage to more than 55 million convicted criminals. allows citizens across the country to have access to criminal records online with results delivered in seconds.
  4. Children, Terrorism & Disasters - Forum One Communications and the American Academy of Pediatrics have launched this Web site to help parents, health care providers, and others learn how to protect children from terrorism and natural disasters. Information on the Web site will help people learn more about terrorism, provide information on specific terrorist threats, and help providers, parents, and communities begin to plan for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
  5. CinemaNow - CinemaNow, Inc., has signed a licensing agreement with Warner Home Video, to deliver selected first-run pay-per-view and library titles on-demand via the CinemaNow Web site. As part of the agreement, CinemaNow will offer the films in a download format, marking the first time that Warner Bros. Pictures' films will be made available for secure, protected download over the public Internet.

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