New Sites on the Web from Week of September 18, 2000

  1. My-Cast - Sign up for My-Cast(SM), a personalized and precise weather forecasting service available to consumers in the United States and Canada. Consumers receive free personal forecasts for areas as small as a neighborhood or park, with the temperature, precipitation, wind and humidity data most relevant to their outdoor lifestyles and hobbies.
  2. - A provider of 3D technology on the Internet, has unveiled Version 3.0 of its Active Worlds technology, a dramatically improved version of its 3D browser. This latest version offers a combination of dramatically accelerated frame rates, unprecedented graphic quality and radical architecture changes. Consumers may download this Version for free.
  3. - Dinner for the Week prepares and ships home-cooked, healthy dinners to busy professionals and their families. Husband-and-wife team Elena Mauceri and Michael O'Gorman develop a monthly menu, with six different dinner options each week. Clients' orders are shipped overnight.
  4. - A web site devoted solely to the exhibition and recognition of excellence in the creation and use of banner ads. Now hosts a collection of Internet banner ads from around the world by category and strategy, along with useful background information and tools for evaluating banners.
  5. - An Internet-based promotional and loyalty company focused on serving the broad needs of Internet advertisers as well as the needs of Internet consumers. Members have the opportunity to play the Instant Win Scratch Off Ticket three times daily to win prizes in real time on the site. Members win a variety of cash, reward points, gift certificates, and gear.
  6. Digital Box Office TV - Brings to the PC desktop quality, original, short-format shows designed for the MTV generation of Internet users. With its combination of comedy, news, sports, music, talk and reality-based interactive entertainment, engages young people around the world to participate in a universal culture made possible by the World Wide Web.
  7. - A Web site designed to provide information and premier merchandise from around the world for fly fishing enthusiasts.
  8. - An innovative new book series and web site that provides kids with the best links to dozens of today's hottest entertainment and education topics. Each themed book serves as a comprehensive web guide that directs kids to fun, safe URL addresses jam-packed with fun facts, brain teasers, virtual tours and more.
  9. Madonna - Music - In a unique Internet event that coincides with the worldwide release of Madonna's eagerly awaited new album, Warner Bros. Records, Maverick Entertainment and Apple announced that all ten tracks from Madonna's "Music" CD are immediately available exclusively at exclusively in Apple's QuickTime(TM) format.
  10. - The ultimate source for Web-based applications, or Web apps. Offers business users and consumers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use gateway to the fast-growing universe of applications that run via the Web browser.
  11. acallto, inc. - Subscribers and new customers to the company's acallto hosted application service can now make long-distance calls for free within the United States. Offers users distinct universal resource locators (URLs) instead of phone numbers, allowing customers to initiate old-fashioned phone calls from the Web while keeping their personal telephone numbers private.
  12. - A new global job site utilizing an intelligent search engine to precisely match applicants with jobs. Users are prompted to provide detailed information for a profile or a job listing, resulting in precise matches between applicants and employers. Employers are able to screen and rate applicants automatically and receive an ordered list of best-matching applicants.
  13. - Polaroid Corporation zapped instant photography into cyberspace with its new website for teens -- An online photo community, the Polaroid site combines I-Zone picture-taking with favorite online activities -- such as e-mail, chat and instant messaging -- to provide the coolest and easiest way for teens to be creative and be together with their friends online.
  14. PitchTV - PitchTV is an online arts and ideas network that integrates insightful content with cutting-edge interactive graphics. An issue of PitchTV is an engaging thematic program of entertainment featuring a range of experiences to listen to, read and watch. Each issue offers exclusive original programming that keeps audiences coming back for more.
  15. - The first Web search engine focused on finding sound effects on the Web. Looking for the sound of a race car, a siren, a scream, or an explosion? Look no further, as provides quick and easy access to thousands of sounds on the Web.
  16. Chef Mom - An interactive cooking web site for moms, by moms. Offering meal ideas and food tips to help mothers save valuable time, the site is free and includes a growing variety of well-organized recipes and articles.
  17. FareChase - The first Internet-powered travel search engine for comparing prices and availability of all major travel websites, simultaneously retrieving, evaluating and securing last-minute prices and options from all the major online travel services for air travel, hotel accommodation and auto rental reservations.
  18. - The last minute online travel site is the first in the industry to introduce a 24-hour hold policy on vacation packages and cruises booked online. If a customer sees a vacation deal they are interested in, it doesn't have to be an impulse buy. They can go ahead and book it, and still have 24- hours to make a final decision.
  19. - A rich-media, Internet content marketing company that brings city guides, universities, sports arenas, theme parks, travel destinations, tourist attractions and premier real estate properties from all over the world to PC desktops in interactive, real-time 3D.
  20. Rainbee - A high-end online marketer of exclusive Children's Specialty Items including designer clothing, juvenile furniture and accessories.
  21. Skyline - View the world's most realistic interactive, photo-based three-dimensional map of our planet available on the Internet. Skyline's breakthrough technology enables creation, delivery, and interaction with content-rich, 3D geographic environments.
  22. - An international PC-PC and PC to land phone free service provider. utilizes Microsoft's Net Meeting and Telephony technologies to allow users to make free international PC to PC and PC to land phone calls.
  23. - Sixty million back pain sufferers who want to learn more about their condition and possibilities for relief now have a single destination. and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) will work together to educate patients and doctors about the latest advances in low back pain management and care of the spine disorders.
  24. - To help car shoppers easily use the Internet, NADA operates, an Internet portal providing direct links to thousand of dealer Web sites. The site also lets consumers quickly search through more than 500,000 new cars and trucks -- the largest inventory of new vehicles anywhere on the Internet.
  25. - The new website features traditional, contemporary, religious, and business themed Christmas cards, which all include personalized imprinting.
  26. - A Web site where consumers can acquire merchandise, discounts and digital music files from the biggest names in movies, music, video games, apparel and sports - just by purchasing specially marked packages of various Pepsi products.

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