New Sites on the Web from Week of September 20

  1. - A stand-alone service consumers can use to find out if their favorite ".com", "net" or ".org" is available, who owns it and how to secure the name if it's not already registered.
  2. - PhoneFree is an Internet Telephony program that works with your web browser to allows users to conduct voice conversations through the Internet, regardless of their duration and destination at "no charge".
  3. SelfCare - A comprehensive health and wellness Web site for women; gives women the information to make informed decisions over the years as their health and wellness needs change for both themselves and their families; provides a forum to converse about health problems.
  4. - Music fans can now store their newly acquired MP3 files, retrieve them from anywhere, and share their files with friends; you can store up to 50 megabytes of MP3 files free of charge.
  5. Justballs! - Retailer that specializes in the sale of balls of every type, from the most popular sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf, to avidly enjoyed sports like lacrosse, field hockey, and water polo; features rare and collectible balls and customized and promotional balls.
  6. Ebix - Insurance portal that meets the insurance needs of both the consumer and the insurance professional; consumers can define their policy coverages and seek competitive quotes from a number of carriers or agents/brokers; allows consumers to compare prices and buy insurance online.
  7. Calorie Control Council - Offers consumer-friendly information on calorie counting, light foods and beverages, weight control and exercise.
  8. - AboutSmiles talks about dental development, offers tips on managing harmful diet habits, pacifier and digit habits, brushing, deciding if braces and your child is a good match, and provides pictures to help parents understand what's happening for their children.
  9. - The first and largest agricultural community of its kind; includes commodity news, weather forecasts, prices on futures contracts, information on herbs; offers its members an online community for rural farmers.
  10. Celexa - Consumers will find information about depression and its signs and symptoms; helps people understand the disease by providing links to mental health groups - and treatment - by providing information about the newest inhbitor in the U.S. called Celexa.
  11. Totcity - An interactive, educational and fun Web site designed for parents of children aged one to four years old, as well as the toddlers themseles; provides an opportunity for toddlers and parents to have a different exciting experience on the site every day.
  12. - A service company that will diplomatically inform individuals of an offending situation such as body odor, dandruff, etc.; the sender's name is kept anonymous.
  13. - Free online service for consumer user manuals; provides answers to all product questions you find in a traditional printed manual; soon thousands of user manuals for hundred of product categories will be available; register products online, print a section or an entire manual, maintain records of guarantees.
  14. - Free site provides everything you need to know about buying, selling or just enjoying a residential property; a database of more than 1.2 million U.S. residential real-estate listings; information and statistics on all aspects of living and working in the 100 largest U.S. cities; research the sales history of homes by address and price range.
  15. Pure Driving - Devoted to manual gearbox lovers and their vehicles; streamlines the automotive want ad search for stick shift vehicles; includes articles, a New Vehicle Guide, relevant links and merchandise store all devoted to stick shift vehicles.
  16. Third Voice - Third Voice is a free browser companion service that allows users to express thoughts and opinions through inline notes on any Web page. Unlike existing forms of Web communication (e-mail, chat, or message boards) and Web sites with read-only content, Third Voice empowers users to form inline discussions that weave together their opinions with existing content.
  17. - Offers a complete line of stationery, personalized gifts, and promotional items -- from business cards and letterhead to t-shirts and coffee mugs to holiday greeting cards.
  18. FairMarket Auction Network - An online auction network of electronic commerce Internet sites, including Microsoft, ExciteAtHome, and Ticketmaster; the network is comprised of nearly 100 member sites; the FairMarket Auction Network connects all these sites to form a single database of goods and services that is shared across the network.
  19. - A free computer help resource guide that provides time-saving, easy access to the best help resources available for addressing personal computing problems and productivity needs.
  20. - Enables consumers to design their own rings and purchase them online; consumers can take time to create jewelry that fits their personality and their wardrobe using the Design Your Own Ring feature.
  21. - Auction marketplace dedicated to the motorcycle enthusiast; motorcyclists will now be able to buy or sell bikes, parts, and related items right over the Web; users can place items up for auction and post classified ads.
  22. - A comprehensive offering of all types of computer virus news, information and the corresponding software fixes.
  23. - Realtors and prospective buyers can now tour homes that are for sale from the comfort of their own homes and offices via full-motion video on the Internet; films and produces professional quality, full motion walk-through tours of properties and places them on the Internet.
  24. - The first Internet desktop - a free Internet service that allows users to quickly and easily create their own desktop online for integrating their favorite sites, services, and files.
  25. - An e-commerce Web site, customers can find the latest videos and games as well as a wide selection of previewed movies.
  26. - Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. sponsors this interactive Alzheimer's disease online resource for healthcare professionals and Alzheimer's disease caregivers; provides timely, practical information directly relevant to the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
  27. - The focus of is the "branding" of its destination sites to existing Web sites as turnkey systems designed to drive traffic and encourage repeat visitors to those sites.
  28. - The only legal interactive online live horse racing network in the U.S.; provides members the ability to watch and wager on a wide selection of coast-to-coast thoroughbred and harness horse racing, via its exclusive private closed-loop network.
  29. Lands' End - Shop for womens, mens, and kids clothing or order from catalog; while online "shop with a friend" allows you to shop collaboratively with another person on the Web; customers can contact a rep while online, either by requesting a phone call or by opening a chat session.

  30. Purolator - The first automative filter Website to have a working E-catalog that contains both a cross reference and a passenger car and light truck applications look-up; look up applications by year, manufacturer or engine.
  31. Net Music School - Net Music School has a growing curriculum of music lessons for piano and guitar created with the beginner in mind; the lessons incorporate many of the leading multimedia tools available to create an innovative teaching style that is as exciting as it is informative.
  32. - A portal offering content for users of mobile devices like the PalmPilot and Handspring Visor; provides an online information, communication, advertising service; headline news; product reviews.
  33. NetLockers Network - NetLockers is a Web-based file storage and delivery service that allows customers to store files securely online, making them accessible anytime, anywhere on the Internet.
  34. Internet Partyline - A free conferencing service whereby one person registers and receives a personal IPL number and the access numbers that he or she can then distribute to other callers. Callers can dial the access number at any time; callers just agree upon a time for the conference call and dial the access number. Personal IPL numbers remain active for 12 months.
  35. Palace Sports and Entertainment - A Web site integrating sports and entertainment content, special features and e-commerce opportunities; features include traditional sporting and concert information, interactive chats, and auctions of sports memorabilia; visitors will be able to choose from a vast music selection, arrange travel bookings, purchase jewelry, peruse collections of luxury automobiles.
  36. Doctors Who's Who - A new resource for finding physicians and dentists and comprehensive health information; locate a physician or dentist that is right for you, check on their qualifications, read an article about the physician or dentist's practice and specialty through online print directories.
  37. 1st Net Stock Game - Simulated online stock trading game; whether an experienced trader or a novice investor, the 1st Net Stock Game provides an opportunity to learn, sharpen skills, and discover informative research tools while trading stocks side by side with the Pros.

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