New Sites on the Web from Week of September 25, 2000

  1. - An online resource for pet news, health and well-being. Provides unique medical and health information that pet owners can tailor to the needs of their own animals. The site combines the expert knowledge of the world's top veterinarians and animal hospitals with cutting-edge web technology to create both an education and support system for all pet owners.
  2. Level 13 - A multi-channel animation network on the Internet that targets 18 to 28 year olds with animated shorts delivered on 13 topic specific channels.
  3. - Consumers can now design their own secure health page, determine their risk factors and keep an online health diary. has added four new interactive features to personalize a consumer's visit to its site. They are: Personalized Health Page, Condition Centers, Improvement Programs, and Health Record.
  4. Paul Stuart - An exclusive men's and women's apparel retailer with stores in New York and Chicago. The web site will eventually include e-commerce, giving consumers the ability to buy Paul Stuart products online.

  5. Comedy World - An independent 24-hour entertainment network that produces and broadcasts original comedy programming. The network mixes live audio, streaming video, animation, interactive features and games that can be accessed via the Internet.
  6. Quickdot - A free Web-based messaging service that combines the best of email and chat. It's for snappy, informal communication with friends, family, and co-workers.
  7. Haystack Toys - Looks for toys that are ingenius and unique to the marketplace. Once we've found these golden toys, we manufacture them and add play features to ensure the double "wow" affect. Haystack's inaugural product line is for children ages three to six. The toys include inflatable play spaces; oversized building/tumbling blocks; action-filled bath toys; musical plush and outdoor open role play toys.
  8. CyberMark International Inc. - Offers a variety of Internet marketing services including search engine optimization. Other services include banner advertising, press releases, domain name registration, e-mail lists, classified and auction listings, and a free online marketing evaluation of your company's Website.
  9. - Internet sweepstakes and promotions venture that offers players opportunities to win prizes on every visit. Now registered users can play and win up to $1 million with Solitaire. Play up to 200 games of Solitaire each day; game plays are earned by clicking the ad banners displayed on the Web site.
  10. PeopleSpot - An information portal celebrating humanity on the Web. is a powerful free information resource center that simplifies the search for the best and most useful information about people on the Web. From the site, quickly and easily find records, statistics, opinions, reference tools, biographies, and service organizations.
  11. Rock The Vote - A non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging young people to participate in the political process, and co-sponsored with longtime partner MTV's Choose or Lose. The Rock the Vote campaign is designed to be broadcast, interactive and viral, in order to promote widespread youth voter registration, ease the process of obtaining an absentee ballot and get out the vote.
  12. - The personalized Website for your automobile. The MyCarPage service provides you with a free personalized web page for your vehicle. Provides consumers with vehicle maintenance reminders, sales and service specials, recall notices, Kelley Blue Book values, traffic and weather reports.
  13. Joe Driver - For 14-18 year old drivers, is the complete on-line resource for the latest on driving and driving-related issues. Young drivers can quickly and easily complete their Driver's Ed programs, obtain their licenses, and locate the up-to-date information, products and services they need for safety, style and success in their driving careers.
  14. iQradio - Let iQradio help you tune your radio dial to any of the 13,000+ radio stations nationwide, anytime... anywhere, by music artists that the station is most likely to play, talk show hosts or programs, sports teams, call letters, frequencies, or network programming.
  15. - Addresses venous issues from cosmetic (spider veins) to serious medical conditions such as large varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus. This site is exclusively dedicated to focusing on comprehensive veins health.
  16. VideoMail Studio - Send streaming video e-mail. By downloading the free application, users can record, edit, process and upload videos to their account on the VideoMail Studio Web site to send video e-mail greeting cards. Users may also send a video from the VideoMail Studio collection of stock videos.
  17. FirstGov - Americans can now log on to a single U.S. government Web site - FirstGov. The one-stop Internet site consolidates 20,000 government Web sites--some 27 million web pages--into one.
  18. International Bed and Breakfast Pages - IBBP provides information on bed and breakfasts, inns, homesteads, farmsteads, cottages and villas located throughout the world. IBBP currently lists 1500 inns from 40 countries, adding 50-100 listings per month.
  19. Tom's Hardware - An independent personal computer hardware source. Contains in-depth news and reviews on a wide variety of PC hardware -- from the latest chip to the hottest consumer-oriented gadgets. Visitors can find reviews of a specific product, find product recommendations for specific tasks, the latest technology news which is updated daily, or read up on the latest showdown between products.
  20. FansRULE - An entertainment/information Web site providing fans of sports and entertainment personalities with on-demand news, celebrity participation, fan interaction and merchandise opportunities.
  21. - An Internet trucking site that provides the latest industry news, money-and-time saving services, and editorial departments aimed at improving your business and your life. Created to serve the needs of everyone in the trucking industry - owner-operators, company drivers, fleet owners, manufacturers and others.
  22. - Provides a full range of recognized and emerging toys and collectibles. The release of its cutting edge 2Animate web site allows the manufacturer to convert existing printed drawings and instructions into animated assembly, service and repair instructions which can be provided to the consumer, either on a CD or via the Internet.

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