New Sites on the Web from Week of September 27

  1. - Web site dedicated to helping kids, their parents, educators, pediatricians and mental health professionals better understand child mental health issues such as Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Anxiety and Depression.
  2. Keiser Institute on Aging - A membership organization that integrates the efforts of researchers, medical practitioners, healthcare and fitness professionals to provide awareness and access to education, resources, programs and services that will empower older adults to achieve optimum health.
  3. - A home and jewelry retailer, Fortunoff offers an online service-driven bridal registry, home and jewelry shopping site; features over 20,000 products for which brides and grooms, consumers and gift givers can browse by category, item or price.
  4. Up!Lot - Provides a virtual PC for users to store, edit, and share their files in a secure location on the Web; users can create and edit text and html files online; send files to other users, zip and unzip files online and more.
  5. - Beyond offering consumers the ability to research, configure, price and order new vehicles online,'s acquisition of dealership franchises will enable it to order cars directly from manufacturers.
  6. - The ultimate information source for the horse world; receive equine information, news, shopping and entertainment.
  7. - A new way to plan important events and activities up to a year in advance throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean; provides a proven, reliable view of the weather up to a year in advance, allowing users to choose the best weather for their wedding, vacation, or special event.
  8. - Developer and creator of Java-based activities for children in preschool through sixth grade; all educational games are curriculum-based and created especially for children with their education in mine.
  9. ephones - An Internet wireless portal offering a complete range of wireless products and services online including cellular and PCS phones, pagers, cellular modems, wireless data, PDAs, long distance and information services; also offers a complete selection of wireless carriers nationwide.
  10. - Offers consumers a new way to furnish, decorate, and shop online for home furnishings and accessories.
  11. American Cerebral Palsy Information Center - Resources available include information on the symptoms, warning signs, and causes; a guide to treatment options; listings of hundreds of agencies and programs; detailed help selecting the right health insurance plan; an online support group.
  12. First Jewelry Auctions - Get direct access to closeout, overstock and sample lot inventory from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide; compete on items where pricing starts and ends far below anything you will see in stores.
  13. - Online community where automotive fans of all interests get 15 MB of free Web space to host a personal motor vehicle Web site.
  14. Ricola USA - A full product line of herbal remedies including herbal supplements; Ricola has produced natural herbal throat drops for more than 60 years.
  15. - Web site dedicated to understanding multilayer switching; resource for the networking community; explains background of multilayer switches, answers questions, and provides updated information and links.
  16. - Offers a free, universal search service that offers buyers the convenience of visiting one Web location to find any auction item that they are looking for.
  17. - Online rewards program giving Internet users free PC-to-Phone calls; all members receive 20 minutes of free calling time; earns points by reading emails, visiting a web site, buying products online, referring friends, answering surveys.
  18. - Media outlet to focus exclusively on one of the most intensely followed and popular genres across all demographics - police and crime news; the Internet news service reports on crime, justice and safety.
  19. - Sells powerboats, sailboats and personal watercraft direct to the consumer; enables the prospective buyer to purchase most makes and models for as low as 1% over factory invoice.
  20. Hungry Minds - Online learning portal geared toward lifelong learning for the post-college market; offers a diverse selection of interactive courses from the best education and publishing institutions.

  21. - Resource that provides comprehensive cruise ship comparisons; up to 3 ships can be compared side-by-side with statistics and ratings.
  22. - Online restaurant guide and reservation service; neighborhood and zip code searches, tips for the business and/or leisure traveler, online reservations for hard-to-get bookings.
  23. - Web site created to help people find a job on the Internet without spending hours looking for the right career resources; services include resume writing tips, networking skills, interviewing strategies, and job search trends.
  24. MessageBay - Developer of Voice over IP products and services; Web based recording technology allows voice to be added to greeting card sites, photo albums, internet personals, discussion groups, and email providers.
  25. - Superstore for kitchen and bath fixtures; free online advice to people with questions about home remodeling.
  26. - E-commerce site for procuring premium logo merchandise from suppliers like Hanes, Champion, Alpha Shirt Company and more; offers premium, branded merchandise, and guarantees the best prices as well as your complete satisfaction.
  27. Little Orphan Annie - A Web site to celebrate Little Orphan Annie's 75th anniversary; follow the ever-popular orphan through the decades with a pictorial history; hear the original theme song from Annie's 1930's radio show; test your knowledge of Annie history
  28. TreeWay - Provides its users with an easy-to-use Web site builder; offers Web sites a partnership program which allows organizations to offer free homepage-building capabilities to their audience.
  29. - A community-based network of services focusing on new web users and families; introduces new web users to e-commerce and online communication; features games, educational content, and controlled e-mail.
  30. - A wine portal that offers consumers a full range of wine products and accessories.

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