New Sites on the Web from Week of October 2, 2000

  1. Dynamic Digital Depth - Leader in 3D content, services and delivery solutions. With 2D-to-3D film conversion technologies that are breaking down the barriers to mass market 3D, DDD is changing the face of entertainment. DDD's proprietary products provide movie makers, television broadcasters, web masters and video game developers with an unprecedented set of tools to help propel their products into new dimensions.
  2. - Enables users to manage their personal, family and business schedules, and to have local community events automatically populate their personal calendar.
  3. - Merges two of America's favorite passions - sports and stocks - in allowing users to invest in professional athletes through actual physical commodities -- sports trading cards. Members will be able to buy and sell the industry's hottest and most valuable sports trading cards exactly like stocks -- instantaneously, reliably and profitably -- and at fluctuating prices set by market forces.
  4. heySmarty - Offers students a broad spectrum of tools to facilitate and improve online research capabilities. Anchored by an advanced natural language search engine, heySmarty offers students an enormous yet meticulously tailored information catalog coupled with a wide array of subject-specific community areas, and personal calendar functionality.
  5. - Web site featuring free paperback fiction novels to its members. Both current and past best selling paperbacks are delivered right to your doorstep. Members receive steep discounts on hardcover books, reference books, and books on tape.
  6. - Online magazine for expecting moms. This is the one place to get vital information and the answers to all maternity questions and needs, online. Features the hottest choices in maternity fashions, baby products, and the latest breaking news on health, childcare, and expecting celebrities, updated daily.
  7. Looney Tunes Presents - Looney Tunes fans now have the unique user experience of travelling through a cartoon world! This site is fun and appeals at once to both kids and adults. The interactive games such as "Feed Taz" and "Where in the World is Tweety" make the site truly entertaining. It also features a downloadable goodie -- Looney Tunes desktop wallpaper.
  8. LawExpress - Provides tools that educate individuals about their legal needs. In addition to general legal information and an online document assembly tool, LawExpress customers can talk to an attorney for legal advice and select from a large network of qualified attorneys for representation.
  9. EarthCamTV - A free personal communications portal offering a place for anyone to provide live webcasts and video chat sessions online. Billed as a place to provide your own TV channel live on the Internet, EarthCamTV requires proprietary software available for free download.
  10. AviationNow - The Internet portal serving the news, information and e-business demands of the global aviation and aerospace community.
  11. Wild Brain - Wild Brain creates content for film, television, commercials and the Internet as well as producing animation for clients including Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, Dream Works, Warner Bros., HBO, and Lucas Arts. View online shorts, series, games, festivals, and classic animations.
  12. - Has successfully achieved the next level in internet video streaming- full-screen dvd quality video streaming. Consumers will be able to select their favorite motion picture titles - major features, documentaries, foreign releases and independents - and stream them in high quality to their computers.
  13. - A place where consumers can go to design customized gift-wrap that is printed in 36" x 24" (regular) and 36" x 48" (large) rolls with same day production. Consumers simply create their design, and their wrapping paper is printed using large-format printers for delivery to their home or office. The cost for a regular roll is $8 and the large roll $12
  14. DoDots - A digital infrastructure company that provides online and offline companies with technology that enables all web content to be branded, packaged and distributed. Any content that can be delivered in a web page can be delivered in Dot products, such as streaming media, commerce, transactions, games, music, etc. Dots will then be placed on the user's computer desktop and can be utilized at anytime.
  15. - An online contest destination offering innovative contests and the most valuable prizes on the Web. Through an Internet contest promotion, entrants will have the chance to simply click their way to the largest prize every offered - $1 billion.
  16. The Scientific World - An e-Science Internet company focused on enhancing and accelerating scientific and medical research by providing science professionals with online access to information, resources and tools they need to create, manage and acquire scientific knowledge.
  17. - Offers local businesses the most effective means to reach college students and the local campus community via its online yellow page search engine. The Web site is available free of charge to students and faculty on the Web, combines on- and off-campus life into a comprehensive online community and marketplace that incorporates academics, activities, content and commerce.
  18. - Includes hundreds of web pages chock full of everything from practical how-to guides, to deep mystical and Talmudic insights, to interactive games and a searchable worldwide database of High Holiday services. The content is culled from more than 720 sources, both ancient and contemporary, and features prayer excerpts, Bible readings, stories for children, and a look at the layers of meaning associated with the holidays.
  19. Torson - Torson, the Virtual Athlete, is an advanced computer animated, three-dimensional, graphic representation of the human musculo-skeletal system. Torson can be used to simply and effectively demonstrate the full range of human movement including sports activities, exercises and how injuries occur.
  20. Uplister - A free downloadable application that unites you and other users in an online music playlist sharing community. With it, you and your friends can create playlists, publish and share them with the Uplister community, and explore new music and discover what other people are listening to.
  21. - Students, teachers, and history buffs can connect to the best content from museums on the Web with the help of a new directory. Users can quickly locate museums by location or by the subjects in which they specialize.

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