New Sites on the Web from Week of October 7, 2002

  1. Dating Savvy - A new concept in Matchmaking services. They are staffed with seasoned Matchmakers and dating service professionals intimately familiar with all aspects of the dating service industry. Dating Savvy staff has a combined total of over 25 years experience working within this industry. During this time, our Matchmakers have been responsible for helping thousands of singles find successful relationships.
  2. Exceptional Wines - Offers wine consumers access to hand-crafted, estate bottled wines from authentic Domaines and Chateaus from across France, Italy and other premier winegrowing regions. Available on the Web site are tools and information about the way each wine is made, which foods it pairs especially well with, a dynamic tour of the various appellations, and personal stories from each winery.
  3. The West Clinic - Features in-depth content regarding the staging and treatment of specific cancer types in a patient-friendly, yet clinically accurate context. The latest treatment news provides a daily and trusted resource for news on medical advances in the field cancer care and a cancer dictionary provides explanations in layman's terms of difficult medical words and phrases commonly used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  4. DailyCandy - The ultimate insider's guide to what's hot, fun and undiscovered that is targeted to parents of the under twelve set, and will initially be distributed as a bi-monthly email product. One brilliantly designed e-mail that's everything you want to know about what's going on from the dish on the new restaurant everyone's talking about ... the skinny on the new thong that has every It Girl blushing ... where to score the slick new Motorola cell phone before everyone else has it.
  5. FutureHome Guild - A collaborative community of home network installation companies and consultants. FutureHome Guild provides a localized directory of home network installers for the public to access. Individuals with home networking needs can find an installation professional anywhere in the US, Canada, UK or Australia.
  6. - Promises to find anyone you are looking for quickly and affordably. Powered by a proprietary network they call the 51-point D & L Viper, can access databases not available to the general public to easily run background checks and locate individuals, assets, bank accounts, places of employment, and more. Clients range from banks and insurance companies to law enforcement offices and consumers.
  7. - is the "cyber office" where professionals can find a safe environment to flirt and meet other singles. Because its members are consenting to visit the site there will be no unwanted or unwarranted advances. And the only work involved will be aimed at meeting your soul mate, whether within your own office, offices throughout your city, or in offices in your continent.

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