New Sites on the Web from Week of October 9, 2000

  1. IncrediMail - A free-of-charge e-mail program enriched with customization tools and personalization features. IncrediMail enables e-mail users to personalize and customize electronic communication to reflect their mood or personality through a growing collection of letters, images, sounds, e-cards, 3D effects, and notifiers.
  2. CinemaPop - Kanakaris Wireless, expanding to become a world entertainment production and delivery company for multiple platforms, has introduced on-demand movie delivery to TVs, including big screens. All 400+ movies on our Web site can now be viewed on TV monitors, including big screen TV, with a simple connection from any Internet connected PC or Macintosh.
  3. - Designed for active traders and online investors who want a centralized place to track their portfolios and find the most profitable market opportunities using powerful analytic tools. Offers professional-level capabilities -- including interactive historical charting, streaming intraday charts, portfolio tracking, information about stocks, indices, mutual funds, industry sectors, futures and options, and 50 studies for technical analysis.
  4. - A new self-help site that is aimed at helping people stop smoking. The interactive site assesses individual smoking patterns and suggests steps to stop smoking.
  5. - The world's first medical trivia site created specifically for healthcare professionals offers fast-paced, challenging medical trivia that both informs and entertains. The online game called Cortex Flex consists of 10 questions that are randomly selected from's bank of weekly questions. Players compete for the top position by attaining the highest scores possible for the Cortex Flex.
  6. Stars and Stripes - Brings you in-depth and original stories on the issues facing today's military and veterans, and takes you behind enemy lines - in the air, on the ground and at sea. Also brings you the stories of courage, loyalty, honor and sacrifice - of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things.
  7. Dancescape - The World's Leading LifeStyle Magazine and Information Centre About DANCE as SPORT -- focusing on the Olympic - Recognized competitive Ballroom Dancing or "DanceSport".
  8. iNetNow - 24/7 Live Access to an Expert Internet Surfer! Introducing iNetNow - the world's first person-to-person portal that gives you access to the Internet via the telephone and a professional surfing expert. Directory assistance, comparison shopping, e-commerce, directions and travel assistance, traffic and weather reports, stock market updates, contact and calendar information can be accessed via a simple phone call to 1-888-iNetNow.
  9. StreamSearch - A leading aggregator and distributor of playable media, with millions of streaming and downloadable audio and video files containing entertainment, news, sports, music, movies, lifetyle and web-only special events.
  10. - A Web-based Engineering Service Provider (ESP), speeds product to market by enabling a fast and thorough design discovery process.'s patent-pending rules-based search engine allows electronics design engineers to find, evaluate and compare the latest in technology.
  11. - A Web site to publish millions of current and archival obituaries, serve friends and relatives of bereaved families and help funeral homes beneift from the Web. The "Obituary Alert" will enable visitors to register to be notified by e-mail whenever the obituary of someone from their hometown, chool, organization or miliatary unit is posted on the site. Send flowers to the service and condolences to the family.
  12. TransWorld Surf - Gives young surfers the information they need quickly and efficiently. Offers flash trick tips, which allow viewers to study moves of professional surfers in full-motion or step-by-step with commentary provided by the surfer. Find photos from the world's best surf photographers utilizing the Surf Photo Search Engine.
  13. - Offers trailers of upcoming current movies, videos and DVDs; clips of top-selling video games, music samples; and sneak p at television shows in one convenient destination.
  14. The Knot - Combining comprehensive content and ive online community with wedding-related commerce, The Knot's online sites provide extensive resources to help couples plan their wedding and future lives together as a couple. Also offers easy to use tools and services to help couples find a customized honeymoon package that is tailored to meet their specific needs.
  15. CargoLargo - Offers its customers a broad range of products priced well below retail. Because merchandise is obtained as a result of distribution inefficiencies, the site offers an ever-changing product mix. Some of the featured categories on the website include: apparel, collectibles, electronics, housewares, sporting goods and toys.
  16. Women of the West Museum - A new American museum whose purpose is to discover, explore and celebrate the continuing role of women in shaping the American West. The exhibit includes biographies, timelines, photographs and a bibliography, compiled by leading historians.
  17. DREAMTIME - DREAMTiME, a multimedia company, partnered with NASA to create a deep and rich space portal that will provide unprecedented access to space exploration. Through its collaboration with NASA, DREAMTiME aims to promote the wonders of science, educate the public about space exploration and create new opportunities for NASA through the commercialization of assets.
  18. Drug-Free America - A comprehensive, interactive site where teens and parents are encouraged to share their experiences about drug abuse. Visitors are given the venue to learn from the successes, mistakes, hardships and victories of others who have faced substance abuse issues.
  19. SongExplorer - A fun and engaging way to listen and learn more about music and artists you like. By telling SongExplorer the songs you like, SongExplorer's technology will then introduce you to music and artists you may not be familiar with, but you will likely enjoy. Hundreds of radio stations around the world use the song and artist information gathered by SongExplorer to help determine what gets played on the air.

  20. Sail 1620 - The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers a look at the 102 English colonists who landed in Massachusetts in 1620. The site features the text of the Mayflower Compact, pages for children, information about the Pilgrims and links to other Mayflower Societies.

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